Designing Your Perfect House

Designing Your Perfect House

Number of page: 239
Author: William J. Hirsch
Publisher: Designing Your Perfect House
Category: Architecture

Designing Your Perfect House is the ideal guidebook for navigating the often mystifying process of house design and building. It’s full of sage advice from a master architect about how to design the perfect house for you.Presented in twelve understandable lessons, this book moves from wonderful concepts to a finished dream home. Beginning with an exploration of the philosophy of design, the grammar of architecture, the creation of space, and discussions of how to make spaces be appropriate and gratifying for the people living in them, the lessons explore issues of scale, daylight, how to make a house feel like a home, unifying a design, flow, and proportions.This book answers questions like: How do I get started
How do I select a building site
What kind of house can I afford with my budget
How do I make my dream house just right for me Other topics include: site analysis and selection, programming, schematic design, style, room relationships, budget, working with professionals, methods of contracting, and more.Numerous color photos and drawings illustrate the book’s major points

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    LibraryThing Review Architect Hirsch has written a handy guidebook for designing a house that will fit your needs, both now and in the future. Of course, being an architect, he strongly advises hiring one to do the
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    Designing Your Perfect House The decision to build a new home can be daunting for an amateur. Architect Hirsch takes one through the process from idea to completion. Drawing many examples from his own practice, he explains the