Stuff On My Cat: The Book

Stuff On My Cat: The Book

Number of page: 160
Author: Mario Garza
Publisher: Chronicle Books
ISBN: 0811855384
Category: Humor

It began with a handful of digital photographs of office supplies, toys, and spare computer parts thoughtfully placed on Mario Garza’s snoozing cat, Love. Over time, the objects became bigger: remote controls, shoes, empty pizza boxes. And then cat owners everywhere were sucked into the Internet phenomenon that is defined by a simple motto: stuff + cats = awesome. From (the amazingly popular website that redefines hilarious and that was named one of the coolest sites of the year by Yahoo! And GQ magazine) comes Stuff On My Cat: The Book. Culled from the thousands of outrageous photographs submitted by mischievous animal lovers, here are 200 of the most unbelievably entertaining images of cats with all manner of things on them: wigs, Easter eggs, dogs, cheeseburgers, cookware, gummi bears, action figures, tiaras, beer cans, pinecones, a statue of the Buddha, and much more. An introduction by the site’s creator explains the Stuff on My Cat philosophy, and playful illustrations and graphics are sprinkled throughout. Just try to keep a straight face.

About The Author

Mario Garza is a full-time student and freelance graphic designer. He and his pampered cat, Love, live in Fresno, California.


  • the1butterflythe1butterfly
    LibraryThing Review These are photos from the “Stuff on my cat” website. The vast majority of these photos are cute (my favorites being a baby chick on a cat, He-Man riding a cat, and a line of goldfish type crackers
  • g3orgiag3orgia
    LibraryThing Review These are some patient cats! And certainly more good-natured than mine. Don’t miss the “stuff on my cat” website, too.