Myth and Measurement

Myth and Measurement

Number of page: 422
Author: David Edward Card, Alan B. Krueger
Publisher: Princeton University Press
Category: Business & Economics

David Card and Alan B. Krueger have already made national news with their pathbreaking research on the minimum wage. Here they present a powerful new challenge to the conventional view that higher minimum wages reduce jobs for low-wage workers. In a work that has important implications for public policy as well as for the direction of economic research, the authors put standard economic theory to the test, using data from a series of recent episodes, including the 1992 increase in New Jersey’s minimum wage, the 1988 rise in California’s minimum wage, and the 1990-91 increases in the federal minimum wage. In each case they present a battery of evidence showing that increases in the minimum wage lead to increases in pay, but no loss in jobs.
A distinctive feature of Card and Krueger’s research is the use of empirical methods borrowed from the natural sciences, including comparisons between the

About The Author

David R. Card is a certified nutritionist with a bachelor s degree in psychology from the University of Utah. He is a certified homeopath form the Hahnemann Academy of North America, under the direction of Dr. Robin Murphy, N.D., and a master herbalist certified by the School of Natural Healing. David is a native of Alberta, Canada, and has been involved in the health and nutrition industry since 1980. He resides in Salt Lake City, Utah, and is the author of two books, Facial Diagnosis of Cell Salt Deficiencies (cell salts/minerals) and Seven Symbols of Healing (planetary astrology). His focu

Alan B. Krueger is Bendheim Professor of Economics and Public Affairs at Princeton University.