The Dark Frigate

The Dark Frigate

Number of page: 190
Author: Charles Boardman Hawes
Publisher: Pickle Partners Publishing
Category: Biography & Autobiography

THE DARK FRIGATE—Winner of the Newbery Medal.In seventeenth-century England, a terrible accident forces orphaned Philip Marsham to flee London in fear for his life. Bred to the sea, he signs on with the Rose of Devon, a dark frigate bound for the quiet shores of Newfoundland. Philip’s bold spirit and knowledge of the sea soon win him his captain’s regard. But when the Rose of Devon is seized in midocean by a devious group of men plucked from a floating wreck, Philip is forced to accompany these “gentlemen of fortune” on their murderous expeditions. Like it or not, Philip Marsham is now a pirate—with only the hangman awaiting his return to England.With its bloody battles, brutal buccaneers, and bold, spirited hero, this rousing tale will enthrall readers in search of seafaring adventure.“No one, we think, has written so perfect a pirate tale since Treasure Island”—New York Herald Tribune

About The Author

Charles Boardman Hawes (1889-1923) was an American writer of fiction and nonfiction sea stories, best known for three historical novels. He died suddenly at age 34, after only two of his five books had been published. He was the first U.S.-born winner of the annual Newbery Medal, recognizing his third novel The Dark Frigate (1923) as the year’s best American children’s book.

Reviewing the Hawes Memorial Prize Contest in 1925, The New York Times observed that “his adventure stories of the sea caused him to be compared with Stevenson, Dana and Melville”.


  • Mark MalmstromMark Malmstrom
    Fun adventure Read this with my 11 year old son. He learned a lot about ships, vocabulary, and history.
  • knsievertknsievert
    LibraryThing Review I thought maybe I’d like this Newbery winner a bit better because, well, there were pirates. But I didn’t. I even tried to appreciate it a little more and give it two stars, but it has now been downgraded to one.
  • tjsjohannatjsjohanna
    LibraryThing Review This is an adventure story, perfect for boys. However, modern boys might be at pains to get through it, which is a shame. The hero of this book is brave, true, and confident in his ability and worth. Well written, good plot line, and leaves the reader wanting to know more about Philip.
    LibraryThing Review The Dark Frigate is a pirate adventure set in seagoing England. Its Shakespearean language might challenge young readers, and even mature readers should keep Merriam-Webster within reach of this book
  • TadADTadAD
    LibraryThing Review Hawes tells the story of Philip Marsham, an orphan who runs away to sea to get away from the unloving woman who takes care of him. His ship is seized by pirates and Philip is forced to join them or be
  • debnancedebnance
    LibraryThing Review Philip Marsham signed on to work on a ship. Before he had traveled far, however, pirates on the ship kill the ship’s captain and part of the crew and take the ship over. Philip has no choice but to
  • MaowangVaterMaowangVater
    LibraryThing Review England is on the brink of civil war when Philip Marscham is washed up in London after his father’s death at sea. The adventurous young seafarer strikes out on his own, but soon finds himself