Auto Upholstery and Interiors

Auto Upholstery and Interiors

Number of page: 136
Author: ruce Caldwell
Publisher: Penguin
Category: Transportation

Restoring the interior of your favorite be as hard as you think. Kits and aftermarket products now make it easier to perform many basic auto upholstery tasks. And many projects without sewing machines or measy dyes. mation on steering wheels, trunk, dyes user-friendly guide on how to: – replace headliners – lay custom carpet – repair dashboards, doors panels, package trays, and kick panels – reupholster seat frames using pre-sewn kits – make your own custom seats – select the best cleaning products and detailing methods

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  •  newt62 newt62
    Too Basic The soft cover of this book calls it a Basic Guide and it lives up to that. You might find the book useful if you buy an interior kit that did not come with instructions. The bulk of the text even the