What Nurses Know…Chronic Fatigue Syndrome

What Nurses Know...Chronic Fatigue Syndrome

Number of page: 173
Author: Lorraine Steefel
Publisher: Demos Medical Publishing
Category: Health & Fitness

Live the best quality of life possible with this expert guide to chronic fatigue syndrome (CFS)
CFS is not Ïall in your head.Ó Written by a registered nurse and parent of a child with chronic fatigue, What Nurses Know: Chronic Fatigue Syndrome provides compassionate support and practical strategies for living well with this challenging and often unpredictable chronic illness. Using information drawn from research and reputable sources as well as insight from people dealing with CFS, Lorraine Steefel, RN, provides options for coping physically and emotionally so that you can move forward with your life. YouÌll learn:
What CFS is and how it effects your body
How to find the right doctor and a supportive health care team
The variety of available treatment options, from analgesics to complementary and alternative therapies
Evidence-based advice on the best sleep, nutrition, and lifestyle practices to avoid flare-ups
Tips for dealing with postexertional malaise (PEM), brain fog, and other symptoms
How to cope when things get tough
Packed with tips, tools, and resources, this user-friendly guide puts you on the road to recovery and is an essential resource for caregivers and loved ones.
About the Series
Nurses constantly straddle the line between the world of medicine and the patientÌs experience. This series offers down-to-earth, evidence-based advice from expert nurses who offer straightforward and practical guidance for dealing with all kinds of medical conditions .