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  • Crystal Ball

    Crystal Ball
    Sibyl Ferguson

    In Crystal Ball, Sibyl Ferguson offers a concise and accurate account of the history and the art of using crystal balls, or "shewstones", as they were called in the Bible, as a tool for enhancing daily life.

  • Crystals Speak To You

    Crystals Speak To You
    Zetta Michaels

    For the more scientifically minded, the mineral composition and the properties of the crystals featured in the story are summarised in a glossary. This is a companion book. It can be read and re-read as a whole or in part, many times.

  • Crystal Yoga I

    Crystal Yoga I
    Roger Calverley

    The Crystal Mesa can be used in many ways: to assist the inner work of balancing energies, harmonizing mind and heart, clarifying intent and discernment, working with the chakras.

  • The Crystal Seer

    The Crystal Seer
    Judy Hall

    Within every crystal is a message. Each stone has a story that can teach and heal us if we reflect deeply on its image. Written by the world's leading crystal expert, Judy Hall, The Crystal Seer is a portable crystal reference and oracle.

  • Le grandi frontiere della Cristalloterapia

    Le grandi frontiere della Cristalloterapia
    Anna Maria Diocesano

    Il Manuale si propone di trasmettere al lettore le basi della Medicina Naturale, mediante l'impiego creativo dei Cristalli.

  • Crystal Therapy

    Crystal Therapy
    Tim Harrison

    Based on the authors' experiences as teachers and healers, this book explains crystal healing and gives the reader clear and practical advice to guide them through working with crystals at home.

  • Make Your Own Angel Blessing Scrolls Inspiration for Gifts of Healing Hope and Joy

    Make Your Own Angel Blessing Scrolls – Inspiration for Gifts of Healing, Hope and Joy
    Claire Nahmad

    In this book Clare Nahmad shows how to create beautiful Angel Blessing Scrolls for any occasion.

  • The Miracle Problem Solver

    The Miracle Problem Solver
    Kira Klenke

    This book is for all those wanting to connect to universal wisdom and heal their lives in a few simple steps.

  • The Complete Crystal Cash Prosperity Secrets

    The Complete Crystal Cash Prosperity Secrets
    Amethyst Qu

    Once you grasp the rainbow system, you will understand how magick workers quickly figure out what stone works best where. The complete updated text of both books is included for the first time in this volume.

  • Crystal Companions

    Crystal Companions
    Marion Webb-De Sisto

    The effect crystalline energy has on therapies, spiritual pursuits and divination techniques is highlighted in this book, together with brief outlines on the histories of these various practices.

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