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  • My Pal Blaise

    My Pal, Blaise
    Richard Leviton

    In 2020 angels of a high order started incarnating on Earth as humans.

  • Ancient Code Are You Ready for the Real 2012

    Ancient Code: Are You Ready for the Real 2012?
    Various Authors

    Ancient Code is a collection of 20 fascinating essays – from today's top authors and researchers – which takes a look at the Ancient Code, our relationship with it and how it relates to 2012.

  • Parallels of Power

    Parallels of Power
    F. Richard Wright

    Each chapter discusses the life story, influence, and the struggles of the leading religious figures, both in Church and State. Professional historians will find this book rewarding.

  • Mermaids Sylphs Gnomes and Salamanders

    Mermaids, Sylphs, Gnomes, and Salamanders
    William R. Mistele

    What is the deepest purpose of life? What are our options?, Mermaids, Sylphs, Gnomes, and Salamanders takes the reader directly into the realms of these spirits, telling stories from their perspective.

  • Moon Spell Magic

    Moon Spell Magic
    Cerridwen Greenleaf

    What You’ll Learn Inside This Book: Features over 100 recipes for spells ranging from the everyday to special occasions and high holidays Something for every reader, from beginner level to advance students of the craft Contains many …

  • Mobilizing the Green Imagination

    Mobilizing the Green Imagination
    Anthony Weston

    In Mobilizing the Green Imagination, philosophical provocateur Anthony Weston urges us to move beyond ever more desperate attempts to “green” the status quo toward entirely different and far more inviting ecological visions: *Life after …

  • Flowerspeak The Flower Whisperer s Guide to Health Happiness and Awakening

    Flowerspeak: The Flower Whisperer’s Guide to Health, Happiness, and Awakening
    Elizabeth M. Patric

    Flowerspeak offers unique wisdom about the world of flowers and how their spiritual and medicinal properties can serve each of us. This book provides a beautiful perspective on our deep connection to the earth. A wonderful read.

  • Media and Religion

    Media and Religion
    Daniel A. Stout

    This text examines the history, theory, cultural context, and professional aspects of media and religion.

  • Plant Spirit Journey

    Plant Spirit Journey
    Laura Silvana

    Red clover is a powerful healer that inspires courage, will, and determination. This guide reveals the spiritual and emotional healing properties of 30 versatile plants and gives simple instructions for making plant spirit remedies at home.

  • The Seer and The Sayer

    The Seer and The Sayer
    Victoria Hanchin

    Join with them, as they accept Mother Earths invitation to enter into a consciousness of Oneness, to become the eyes and the mouthpiece for the New Earth being revealed to them: a New Earth where all Life participates as conscious co …

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