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  • Egyptian Cosmology

    Egyptian Cosmology
    Moustafa Gadalla

    This book surveys the applicability of Egyptian concepts to our modern understanding of the nature of the universe, creation, science, and philosophy.

  • Healing States

    Healing States
    Alberto Villoldo, Stanley Krippner

    A colorful and compelling examination of evidence for the mind's ability to heal, taking a step into the fascinating world of psychic healing and shamanism. 80 black-and-white photographs.

  • Coloring Mandalas

    Coloring Mandalas
    Susanne F. Fincher

    This coloring book of traditional circular designs is for adults to use for meditation, healing, or creative fun, with 48 designs plus color art.

  • A Witch s 10 Commandments

    A Witch’s 10 Commandments
    Marian Singer

    For the first time, this code is defined in terms everyone can understand. In A Witch's 10 Commandments, renowned Wiccan author Marian Singer uses the ubiquitous biblical rules to frame the 10 tenets witches should live by.

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    Крылья для тех, кто хочет получить от жизни и мужчин все, что пожелает
    Ирина Норна

    Эксперт в освобождении от внутренних страхов и препятствий, создательница «Клуба Окрыленных Женщин» Ирина Норна превратит вас из …

  • 365 Goddess

    365 Goddess
    Patricia Telesco

    Goddess wisdom for every day of the year Bring life-affirming magic and empowerment into every day of your life with this unique and useful guide to the goddess.

  • A General Theory of Magic

    A General Theory of Magic
    Marcel Mauss

    The book offers a fascinating snapshot of magic throughout various cultures as well as deep sociological and religious insights still very much relevant today.

  • Ecstasy The Complete Guide

    Ecstasy: The Complete Guide
    Julie Holland

    CURRENT EVENTS / PSYCHOLOGY "MDMA is a unique compound with great potential for positive use. This is the most complete book about it, with much information to help people realize that potential as well as reduce any possible harm.

  • Byways of Ghost Land

    Byways of Ghost-Land
    Elliott O’Donnell

    Stories of the supernatural have been around for thousands of years, but what is it in the human mind that compels us to repeat these tales?

  • The Magic

    The Magic
    Rhonda Byrne

    In The Magica great mystery from a sacred text is revealed, and with this knowledge Rhonda Byrne takes the reader on a life-changing journey for 28 days.

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