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  • Walking the I Ching

    Walking the I Ching
    Allen Pittman

    The book contains eight parts corresponding to the eight sections of the I Ching, each representing a different elemental manifestation and martial arts principle.

  • The I Ching Companion

    The I Ching Companion
    Jill Richards

    The I Ching answers questions, and in so doing, peace of mind — our life's quest — is attained. This guide can help facilitate that quest.

  • I Ching Wisdom 2

    I Ching Wisdom 2
    Wu Wei

    This sequel to the popular I Ching Wisdom Volume One contains more of Wu Wei's profound sayings drawn from the I Ching's deepest wisdom.

  • The Everyday I Ching

    The Everyday I Ching
    Sarah Dening

    The Everyday I Ching fills the long-standing need for a clear, focused rendering of the I Ching-one which makes its timeless wisdom accessible to everyone.

  • Flying Star Feng Shui

    Flying Star Feng Shui
    Stephen Skinner

    Author Stephen Skinner has an international reputation as a populizer of feng shui concepts for Western readers. In Flying Star Feng Shui he introduces one of the most effective and popular aspects of feng shui practice today.

  • The I Ching

    The I Ching
    Richard Joseph Smith

    I know of no one else who commands the history of this text to the extent that he does, whether in China or especially in its global context. His excellent book will find a ready and wide readership.

  • I Ching for Beginners

    I Ching for Beginners
    Mark McElroy

    Recasts the oracle's ancient ideas into everyday terms that make it fast and easy to apply its enduring wisdom to contemporary life, featuring a summary, study questions, keywords, and an explanation of how each message relates to …

  • Calculating the BaZi

    Calculating the BaZi
    Karin Taylor Wu

    In this fully illustrated workbook, Dr. Karin Taylor Wu instructs you in the art of creating an individualized Chinese Four Pillar astrology chart.

  • Sung Dynasty Uses of the I Ching

    Sung Dynasty Uses of the I Ching
    Kidder Smith Jr., Peter K. Bol, Joseph A. Adler, Don J. Wyatt

    This book explores how four leading thinkers–Su Shih, Shao Yung, Ch'eng I, and Chu Hsi–applied the I Ching to these projects. These four men used the Book of Changes in strikingly different ways.

  • The Laws of Change

    The Laws of Change
    Jack M. Balkin

    This is an indispensable work for anyone who wants to understand the I Ching and its history.

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