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    Joe Potts, a philosopher and writer who became to his amazement a powerful healer after reading about the Kahunas and trying their techniques, believes that their philosophy contains knowledge vital to humanity.

  • Mrs B s Guide to Household Witchery

    Mrs. B’s Guide to Household Witchery
    Kris Bradley

    The book includes simple rituals, spells, and ways to connect with the spirits that watch over your home and family. Includes an appendix of herbs and a complete materia magica from the kitchen pantry. Mrs.

  • The White Magic Book

    The White Magic Book
    John Le Breton

    " The White Magic Book is like the Internet. There's information out there to be had, and this wonderful little book helps us to access it.

  • Naked Magick

    Naked Magick
    Michael Coltrane

    This book, short on jargon and long on technique, contains the magical operations the author has found to be most helpful, believable, and conceptually satisfying. But you won't find any so-called "truth" in this book.

  • Charm Spells

    Charm Spells
    Ileana Abrev

    Illustrated with offbeat, funky drawings, the book shows teens how to get the dates they want, the allowances they dream of, and the friends they need, and introduces them to: The power of positive, and the danger of negative magic.

  • The Book of Illumination

    The Book of Illumination
    Phillip Urantu

    I have already published three books: The book of Illumination, The Essence of Sorcery–Don Pedro says and The Scared Fusion–Don Pedro says. These books were written through the spirit.

  • Earth Air Fire Water

    Earth, Air, Fire & Water
    Scott Cunningham

    This bestselling guide to natural magic also introduces the basics of magic-concepts, techniques, and tools-to those who are new to the practice. • New cover • New interior design • New edit

  • Magic Black and White Charmes and Counter Charmes Divination and Demonology Among the Hindus Hebrews Arabs and Egyptians

    Magic, Black and White, Charmes and Counter Charmes, Divination and Demonology Among the Hindus, Hebrews, Arabs and Egyptians
    T. Witton Davies

    1910 among the Hindus, Hebrews, Arabs, and Egyptians. a book to define Magic, Divination, Necromancy, and Demonology. the author believes "it is impossible to lay down lines between them because they are so closely connected in their …

  • The Magician s Workbook

    The Magician’s Workbook
    Steve Savedow

    For beginning students, this is an efficient working manual that provides a complete program leading to selfinitiation.

  • Devil Worship in France

    Devil Worship in France
    Arthur Edward Waite

    This highly entertaining work, a classic of rationalistic literature first published in 1896, will fascinate and delight students of secret societies, paranormal skeptics, and readers of the history of religion alike.

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