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  • Practical Spellcraft

    Practical Spellcraft
    Leanna Greenaway

    Upbeat and up to date, this volume brings witchcraft into the 21st century with a modern magic focused on gaining control over your life and understanding your destiny.

  • 365 Goddess

    365 Goddess
    Patricia Telesco

    Goddess wisdom for every day of the year Bring life-affirming magic and empowerment into every day of your life with this unique and useful guide to the goddess.

  • Llewellyn s Truth About Enochian Magick

    Llewellyn’s Truth About Enochian Magick
    Betty Schueler, Gerald Schueler

    Originally revealed to the sixteenth-century magician, Dr. John Dee, and his assistant, Edward Kelly, Enochian Magick has been used by the famed Hermetic Order of the Golden Dawn and by the magus, Aleister Crowley.

  • Magickal Mystical Creatures

    Magickal, Mystical Creatures
    D. J. Conway

    Here is an occult encyclopedia of over two hundred magickal creatures, from pookas and green men to gorgons and gargoyles.

  •                     е е

    Я вижу вашу душу! Книга-оберег
    Николь Кузнецова

    В повседневной жизни Николь – обычный человек, на экране – звезда шоу, чудеса же происходят, когда она начинает использовать …

  • Pangasm

    Lori Dante

    The process continues to unfold. Pangasm played a role in giving me the courage to become a massage therapist and its principles help me relate to and appreciate my clients, friends, spouse, lovers, etc.

  • Liber Null Psychonaut

    Liber Null & Psychonaut
    Peter J. Carroll

    Two complete volumes in one.

  • Conjuring Hope

    Conjuring Hope
    Galina Lindquist

    By following people's own interpretations of the work of magic, the author succeeds in unraveling the logic of local practice and local understanding of affliction, commonly used to diagnose the experiences of illness and misfortune.

  • The Secret Stream

    The Secret Stream
    Rudolf Steiner, Christopher Bamford

    " Rosicrucian meditation is also discussed, including how to meditate the Rose Cross itself. This important collection goes to the spiritual heart of Anthroposophy, whose essence is the Rosicrucian path.

  • Exorcising Our Demons

    Exorcising Our Demons
    Charles Zika

    This collection of fascinating essays explores the relationship between humanism and magic, the intersection of religious ritual, orthodoxy and power, and the links between witchcraft, sexuality and savagery in the visual culture of Europe …

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