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  • Celestial Messages Seon Guidance from the Universe

    Celestial Messages: Seon Guidance from the Universe
    Suroso Mun

    -Seongye concentrates energy once in tens of billions of years on a planet that has been created for practice, and produces may seonins who will participate in the evolution of the Universe. This is the opportunity for the Earth.

  • Add More Ing to Your Life

    Add More Ing to Your Life
    Gabrielle Bernstein

    Lots of people are selling "happiness" these days, but in her hip self-transformation book, Add More -ing to Your Life, motivational speaker and life coach Gabrielle Bernstein truly shows you how to make happiness a way of life by accessing …

  • Health Through New Thought and Fasting

    Health Through New Thought and Fasting
    Wallace D. Wattles

    Fasting has long been an exercise practiced by those seeking spiritual strength, but here, Wallace D. Wattles asserts the benefits of fasting on physical strength as well.

  • Becoming Extraordinary

    Becoming Extraordinary
    Dr. Godwin Ude

    We can subordinate feelings to values. We have the initiative and the responsibility to make things happen. More so, becoming extraordinary is a challenge to become responsible.

  • Radical Spirituality

    Radical Spirituality
    Dick Sutphen

    THE BOOK LOGICALLY CHALLENGES: – The existence of enlightenment – The value of thinking only positive thoughts – Soulmates as destiny – The existence of a harmonic convergence – The reality of predicted earth-changes – Truth as something to …

  • Hypnose clinique et chamanique

    Hypnose clinique et chamanique
    Edouard Finn

    Hypnose clinique et chamanique s’adresse d’abord aux thérapeutes, bien que l’approche soit à la portée du lecteur et de la lectrice que ces sujets intéressent (hypnose et chamanisme).

  • La carezza degli angeli

    La carezza degli angeli
    Elena Cocchi – Mayaron

    Gli Angeli? questo grande mistero, questa grande forza che da millenni affascina l’intera Terra ed i suoi abitanti.

  • Bear Speaks

    Bear Speaks
    Laura Carpini

    Above all she learns, and teaches us, that the source of your fear can become the guide for your life. Bear Speaks tells an enchanted tale about trusting what life presents us.

  • Thomas Berry Dreamer of the Earth

    Thomas Berry, Dreamer of the Earth
    Ervin Laszlo, Allan Combs

    Revealing Berry’s insights as far ahead of their time, these essays reiterate the radical nature of his ideas and the urgency of his most important conclusion: that money and technology cannot solve our problems, rather, we must …

  • The Essential Ernest Holmes

    The Essential Ernest Holmes
    Jesse Jennings

    The book features remembrances of the beloved sage and teacher from the works of his contemporaries; a chronology of Holmes's life and work; and an accessible introduction by editor Jesse Jennings that frames Holmes's body of ideas for all …

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