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  • The Healing Energy of Shared Consciousness

    The Healing Energy of Shared Consciousness
    Mantak Chia

    In The Healing Energy of Shared Consciousness, Master Mantak Chia shows how to fuse the three minds and form the Protective Sacred Circle of Fire, which creates a seal around us allowing in only good energy and intentions.

  • Becoming Extraordinary

    Becoming Extraordinary
    Dr. Godwin Ude

    We can subordinate feelings to values. We have the initiative and the responsibility to make things happen. More so, becoming extraordinary is a challenge to become responsible.

  • Hypnose clinique et chamanique

    Hypnose clinique et chamanique
    Edouard Finn

    Hypnose clinique et chamanique s’adresse d’abord aux thérapeutes, bien que l’approche soit à la portée du lecteur et de la lectrice que ces sujets intéressent (hypnose et chamanisme).

  • La porta segreta del successo

    La porta segreta del successo
    Florence Scovel Shinn, Carmen Margherita Di Giglio

    Nemo Editrice pubblica questa prima edizione digitale de LA PORTA SEGRETA DEL SUCCESSO, a cui fa seguito la prima e unica pubblicazione in lingua italiana dell'inedito di Florence Scovel Shinn IL MAGICO SENTIERO DELL'INTUIZIONE. ****** …

  • Conversations with Yogananda

    Conversations with Yogananda
    J. Donald Walters, Swami Kriyananda, Yogananda (Paramahansa)

    This is strikingly demonstrated in the story of how the paedophile emerged as a figure of major public concern.

  • Subud the Coming New Age of Reality The Most Complete Book on Subud Volume 1

    Subud the Coming New Age of Reality: The Most Complete Book on Subud, Volume 1
    Simon Monbaron

    At last, here is a book I can give to friends and family members who are curious about what I do when I go off to receive the latihan, but are not yet ready to jump into the deep end to find out for themselves!

  • Be Here Now

    Be Here Now
    Ram Dass

    For me, this story is but a vehicle for sharing with you the true message. . . the living faith in what is possible."—from Be Here Now In 1970, Ram Dass' Be Here Now became the counter-culture bible for thousands of young people seeking …

  • The Power of Eight

    The Power of Eight
    Lynne McTaggart

    Then go manifest The Power of Eight.” —James O'Dea, peace activist, former President of the Institute of Noetic Sciences and author of Soul Awakening Practice Discover how to tap into your extraordinary human capacity for connection and …

  • The Secret of Quantum Living

    The Secret of Quantum Living
    Frank J. Kinslow

    " Within the pages of this powerful book, you will learn Dr. Kinslow's process of Quantum Entrainment(R) (QE) and discover how to enrich and enliven all areas of your life.

  • You Are the Placebo

    You Are the Placebo
    Dr. Joe Dispenza

    The book ends with a “how-to” meditation for changing beliefs and perceptions that hold us back—the first step in healing.

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