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  • Life Is a Game

    Life Is a Game
    DJ Con

    DJ Con presents and explains his beliefs and theories as well as the concepts of astrology and numerology as he shares his journey to spiritual enlightenment.

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    Рисуем новую жизнь. Коррекционная хиромантия
    Борис Акимов

    Эксперт программы «Человек-невидимка», врач, психотерапевт, хиромант, ученый Борис Акимов рассказывает о своей уникальной …

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    Нумерология. Большая книга чисел вашей судьбы
    Сергей Матвеев

    Великий Пифагор считал, что дата рождения содержит информацию о нашей жизни. Он стал основоположником нумерологии и разработал …

  • Your Personal Success Quotient

    Your Personal Success Quotient
    Terri Weston

    When we move away from the vibrational calibration of what we were designed to be. *"Your Personal Success Quotient – Calibrating Your Success Through the Power of Numerology"* provides a modern and relevant twist to the ancient science of …

  • Fortune Telling Using Playing Cards

    Fortune Telling Using Playing Cards
    Jonathan Dee

    Fortune Telling Using Playing Cards teaches readers how to translate the four suits of the tarot into the more familiar hearts, diamonds, spades, and clubs found in the common playing card deck.

  • Astrology and Numerology in Medieval and Early Modern Catalonia

    Astrology and Numerology in Medieval and Early Modern Catalonia
    John Scott Lucas

    From a late 15th-century Catalan incunable and drawing on a rich tradition of astrological magic, geomancy, Pythagorean numerology and Hebrew gematria, this practical manual reveals a unique expression of medieval syncretism, the mingling …


    Dwayne W. Anderson

    If The COSMOS could be divided into QUADRANTS of CONSTELLATIONS, look for LIFE on OTHER PLANETS; in, QUADRANTS `-23, `-32; and, `-13!!!!!~’ A “NEW” `-KIND OF “NUMEROLOGY”; CALLED “PENDULUM FLOW” – IT’S WITH `-GOD’S …

  • Mr iZO Sayz

    Mr iZO Sayz
    Mr iZO

    Mr iZO Sayz is a book on Numerology revealing all the secrets of this ancient and popular science.

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    Большая книга нумерологии. Цифровой анализ
    Александров А.

    Эта книга представляет собой полную версию уникальной системы А. Ф. Александрова — знаменитого ученого и исследователя, …

  • The Spirit of the Tarot

    The Spirit of the Tarot
    Claudine Aegerter, Berenice Benjelloun

    This is a new exploration of the Tarot, which reveals the esoteric numerological links underlying this ancient system and connects the teaching of the Tarot to the initiatic journey of the Soul.

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