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  • An Encyclopaedia of Occultism

    An Encyclopaedia of Occultism
    Lewis Spence

    A delight for devotees of the weird and the strange, and a valuable resource for students of mythology and the evolution of scientific thought, this important volume is at home in the libraries of all book lovers.

  • Il pianeta degli dei

    Il pianeta degli dei
    Zecharia Sitchin

    "Da dove ha origine il genere umano? Sitchin dà una risposta affascinante." The New York Times

  • The Secrets of Doctor Taverner

    The Secrets of Doctor Taverner
    Dion Fortune

    Death hounds, shape shifters, and vampires are among the patients treated by the Holmes-like Dr. Taverner and his assistant Dr. Rhodes in this work of supernatural fiction by acclaimed spiritualist and occult writer Dion Fortune.

  • Fundamentos Del Feng Shui Fundemantals of Feng Shui

    Fundamentos Del Feng Shui/Fundemantals of Feng Shui:
    Hsu Shan-Tung,Shan-Tung Hsu

    Shan-Tung Hsu despeja en esta obra la gran confusión que actualmente existe en los países occidentales acerca del feng shui, presentando los principios de este arte de un modo sencillo y práctico.

  • Enigmas sin resolver II

    Enigmas sin resolver II
    Iker Jiménez Elizari

    Después del éxito de Enigmas sin resolver se hacía necesaria la publicación de esta continuación, donde se recogen auténticos Expedientes X aún mas sorprendentes, si cabe, que los anteriores.

  • Sane Occultism

    Sane Occultism
    Dion Fortune

    An omnibus edition of two titles – SANE OCCULTISM which deals with the many pitfalls of occultism, and PRACTICAL OCCULTISM IN DAILY LIFE which reveals the various minor rites that can be used to achieve a steady concentration to deal with …

  • Encyclopfdia of Superstitions Folklore and the Occult Sciences Volume 2

    Encyclopfdia of Superstitions, Folklore, and the Occult Sciences …, Volume 2
    Cora Linn Daniels, C. M. Stevans

    Originally published in 1903, this is an excellent source for an historical perspective on superstitions and folklore. Hundreds of entries are arranged alphabetically within broad subject categories.

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    Трансерфинг реальности. Ступень I: Пространство вариантов
    Вадим Зеланд

    «Пространство вариантов» – это первая книга трилогии Вадима Зеланда «Трансерфинг реальности». Речь в ней идет об очень странных и …

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    Дева. Любовный астропрогноз на 2015 год
    Василиса Володина

    Известный профессиональный астролог Василиса Володина представляет персональный гороскоп для каждого читателя по дате его …

  • El or culo de los cristales

    El oráculo de los cristales
    Stephanie Harrison, Barbara Kleiner

    El Oráculo de los Cristales es un sistema divertido y fácil de usar, que funciona a distintos niveles de conciencia.

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