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  • An Angel Set Me Free And other incredible true stories of the afterlife

    An Angel Set Me Free: And other incredible true stories of the afterlife
    Dorothy Chitty

    Inspiring and powerful true stories of communication with beings from the Afterlife from one of the country's most successful and sought after psychics.

  • The Sexual Life of the Child

    The Sexual Life of the Child
    Albert Moll

    I shall in this work designate these two periods as the first and the second period of childhood respectively.

  • Finding of the Third Eye

    Finding of the Third Eye
    Vera Stanley Alder

    A discussion of the secrets of breathing, color, sound, diet, and exercise, and how these can be used to develop the third eye. Includes recommendations for the final steps to mastery of the self and the dangers on the path to wisdom.

  • All About Auras

    All About Auras
    Carl Llewellyn Weschcke, Joe H. Slate

    It’s your understanding and your motivation that empower your ability. In this short guide, you will discover not only what auras are, but also how they relate to your body and your life.

  • The Secrets of Doctor Taverner

    The Secrets of Doctor Taverner
    Dion Fortune

    Death hounds, shape shifters, and vampires are among the patients treated by the Holmes-like Dr. Taverner and his assistant Dr. Rhodes in this work of supernatural fiction by acclaimed spiritualist and occult writer Dion Fortune.

  • Â Somos inmortales

    ¿Somos inmortales?
    Anthony Peake

    Basándose en sólidas evidencias científicas, y llegando a conclusiones no muy alejadas de las filosofías no-dualistas, Anthony Peake plantea que la muerte personal es una imposibilidad científica.

  • Pax

    Stephen Stuart

    And in this battle, there can be only one winner … "PAX" expands the boundaries of human imagination and creates an intriguing and altogether fascinating alternate world.

  • Parapsychology

    David Groome, Ron Roberts

    Containing contributions from leading paranormal researchers, this edition of Parapsychology continues to challenge and provoke readers with some of psychology’s most puzzling phenomena.

  • The Book of Theanna Updated Edition

    The Book of Theanna, Updated Edition
    Ellias Lonsdale

    The Book of Theanna contains a collection of letters written by Ellias, which he began transcribing from Theanna (formerly Sara Lonsdale), his wife and twin soul, shortly after her death.

  • Writing Down Your Soul

    Writing Down Your Soul
    Janet Conner

    Invites readers to forge a greater connection to God and a better understanding of one's faith through writing exercises, sharing the story of the author's recovery from an abusive relationship and the divine connection and clarity she …

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