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  • Egyptian Cosmology

    Egyptian Cosmology
    Moustafa Gadalla

    This book surveys the applicability of Egyptian concepts to our modern understanding of the nature of the universe, creation, science, and philosophy.

  • Cielo e Inferno

    Cielo e Inferno
    Emanuel Swedenborg

    Emanuel Swedenborg (1688-1772), scienziato che visse alla corte svedese nel XVIII secolo, raccoglie in questo volume tutte le descrizioni del Cielo e dell'Inferno in base a ciò che vide e udì durante insolite esperienze di veggenza che …

  • The Chemistry of Joy

    The Chemistry of Joy
    Henry Emmons, MD, Rachel Kranz

    Argues that medication alone is insufficient to treat depression, and draws on eastern and western approaches that address depression as a symptom of chemical imbalances that can be treated psychologically, spiritually, and physically …

  • The History of Spiritualism

    The History of Spiritualism
    Arthur Conan Doyle

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  • Conversations With Seth Book 2 25th Anniversary Edition Volume 2

    Conversations With Seth, Book 2: 25th Anniversary Edition, Volume 2
    Susan M. Watkins

    In fact, it changed the lives of all the class participants. In Volume II of the Seth series, Watkins shares the insights she discovered while participating in Roberts's groundbreaking classes.

  • Az  let n gy c lja

    Az élet négy célja
    Dan Millman

    Dan Millman legújabb könyvében irányt mutat: négy alapvető cél szerint könnyen rendet teremthetünk az életünkben!

  • The Re Enchantment

    The Re-Enchantment
    Hank Wesselman

    Here he explores: • Challenging the cultural mythos—why a new story is arising about who we are and where we fit in to the greater whole • The role of the shaman as a mediator between the material and spiritual worlds • Guides, …

  • Miraculous Moments

    Miraculous Moments
    Elissa Al-Chokhachy

    This is not a book that one reads only once, or all at once, but rather one that draws us back, time and again, for the nourishment it offers through each and every story.

  • The Spiritual Life

    The Spiritual Life
    Annie Besant

    The key to living spiritually in the modern world, says this classic writer, "depends upon one's attitude." The principles Besant set forth over 70 years ago are no different today.

  • Living Fully Dying Well

    Living Fully Dying Well
    Edward W. Bastian

    Living Fully, Dying Well is an investigation into the challenge each of us faces: to embrace all of life from the beginning to the end.

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