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  • The Awakened

    The Awakened
    John Stringer

    I sit quietly at regular times and this book is compiled from the inspirational thoughts relayed to me from my spirit friends and helpers in the world of spirit.

  • Cosa ti manca per essere felice

    Cosa ti manca per essere felice?
    Simona Atzori

    Dobbiamo fermarci in tempo, prima di diventare quello che gli altri si aspettano che siamo. È nostra responsabilità darci la forma che vogliamo, liberarci di un po' di scuse e diventare chi vogliamo essere, manipolare la nostra esistenza …

  • The Death of the Mythic God

    The Death of the Mythic God
    Jim Marion

    Is God dead? Jim Marion says that what has really died is our myth of God, our worn-out notion of the deity in the sky, separate from us, who intervenes in our lives only when petitioned strenuously.

  • L arte di realizzare i sogni

    L’arte di realizzare i sogni
    Mike Dooley

    Realizzare cambiamenti non potrebbe essere più semplice, una volta compresa la natura del gioco e una volta che si comincia a giocare intenzionalmente. Preparatevi a qualche sorpresa sbalorditiva. Preparatevi alla vita dei vostri sogni.

  • C mo aplicar la inteligencia espiritual en el trabajo con los principios de Un curso de milagros

    Cómo aplicar la inteligencia espiritual en el trabajo con los principios de Un curso de milagros
    Emily Bennington

    Durante años, la autora y coach Emily Bennington se ha dedicado ayudar a miles de personas a progresar en su carrera profesional basándose en los principios de Un Curso de Milagros.

  • You Don t Need a Bodhi Tree

    You Don’t Need a Bodhi Tree
    Tess Marcin

    All represented in this book by the thoughts of the writer. One can only hope that the reader finds his insight, his enlightenment, expanding, growing, as he reads the book.

  • Far Journeys

    Far Journeys
    Robert Monroe

    The sequel to Monroe's Journey Out Of The Body is an amazing parapsychological odyssey that reflects a decade of research into the psychic realm beyond the known dimensions of physical reality.

  • Tao Te Ching

    Tao Te Ching
    Victor H. Mair, Lao Tzu

    A landmark translation of one of the most popular works of world literture, this edition of the Tao Te Ching is based on the Ma-wang-tui manuscripts. From the Trade Paperback edition.

  • Finde deinen Himmel auf Erden

    Finde deinen Himmel auf Erden
    Anita Moorjani

    Anita Moorjani erfuhr bedingungslose Liebe und himmlischen Frieden, als sie mit Krebs im Endstadium eine Nahtoderfahrung machte und ihre Seele ihren Körper verließ.

  • The Astral Plane

    The Astral Plane
    C. W. Leadbeater

    One of the best known mystics of the 20th Century reveals secrets of the higher worlds and what can be found there. Contains a large amount of surprising information, highly recommended for those seeking what lies beyond the physical.

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