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  • Before Atlantis

    Before Atlantis
    Frank Joseph

    This book is but another major achievement in Joseph’s ever-growing library of brilliant works.” –Brad Steiger, author of Conspiracies and Secret Societies and Worlds Before Our Own Exploring emerging and suppressed evidence from …

  • Dark Visions

    Dark Visions
    John Robert Colombo

    Personal Accounts of the Mysterious in Canada.

  • The Giza Prophecy

    The Giza Prophecy
    Scott Creighton, Gary Osborn

    Highlighting the ubiquitous appearance of 23.5-degree angles–the most important of the precessional angles encoded in the Giza pyramids–in classic works of art, including the work of Leonardo da Vinci and portraits of John the Baptist and …

  • Overshadows

    Richard Palmisano

    Overshadows chronicles a terrifying multiple haunting and shares the incredible discoveries made during a six-year investigation.

  • The Everything Ghost Hunting Book

    The Everything Ghost Hunting Book
    Melissa Martin Ellis

    Ectoplasm…cold spots…orbs…everyone loves a real-life ghost story! Ghosthunter Melissa Martin Ellis takes you on an exciting journey into the supernatural world of haunted sites, restless souls, and messages from beyond the grave.

  • Kodiak s Claim

    Kodiak’s Claim
    Eve Langlais

    Welcome to Kodiak Point, where the wildlife might wear clothes, but animal instinct rules the heart. # 1 Kodiak's Claim , #2 Outfoxed by Love, #3 Polar Bared , #3.5 Caribou's Gift, #4 Wolf's Capture, #5 Grizzly Love Genre: paranormal …

  • The Ghost Next Door

    The Ghost Next Door
    Mark Morris

    The Ghost Next Door takes a revealing look into the lives of average, everyday people from across the country who have had experiences in the realm of the unexplained.

  • Haunted Ontario

    Haunted Ontario
    Terry Boyle

    Limited Time Offer Ghostly inns, hotels, and other eerie places – Ontario has them all! Just when you thought it was safe to turn off the lights, ghost hunter Terry Boyle returns with a revised version of his bestselling Haunted Ontario.

  • Giving Up the Ghost

    Giving Up the Ghost
    Eric Nuzum

    But deep down he knows it’s only when he digs up the ghosts of his past, especially Laura, that he’ll find the peace he’s looking for. From the Trade Paperback edition.


    Lynn B. Caufman

    As a channeled "messenger of the Holy Spirit," Malcha's words are logical, surprising, and sometimes shocking.

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