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  • 15 v c kter ch se mus te vzd t abyste byli   astn

    15 věcí, kterých se musíte vzdát, abyste byli šťastní

    Co vám brání ve skutečném štěstí a životě, po kterém toužíte?

  • Jak flirtovat

    Jak flirtovat
    Deissler Nina

    Jak zapůsobit?

  • Speak with Confidence

    Speak with Confidence
    Dianna Booher

    From nationally respected communications guru Dianna Booher, here is a complete program for business professionals who want to take their public speaking skills to a bold new level.

  • i  е е         к   е  е        е  Apple

    iПрезентация. Уроки убеждения от лидера Apple Стива Джобса
    Кармин Галло

    Книга будет очень полезна всем, кому приходится делать презентации и выступать перед аудиторией

  • FT Guide to Gurus Strategy

    FT Guide to Gurus Strategy
    Vaughan Evans

    Clayton Christensen, Jim Collins, Malcolm Gladwell, Michael Porter, Kim and Mauborgne, Richard Rumelt… These are just some of the gurus featured in this 20-minute speed-read on the biggest movers and shakers in strategic thinking.

  • Strategic Stakeholder Engagement

    Strategic Stakeholder Engagement
    Chris Anastasi

    The content of this book is wide-ranging, presenting much useful information, ideas and approaches, and provides concrete examples to demonstrate important aspects of strategic stakeholder engagement.

  • I Can See You Naked

    I Can See You Naked
    Ron Hoff

    This may be the best piece of advice in this book: When something strikes you as funny, don't let it get away.

  • Communication Planning

    Communication Planning
    Sherry Devereaux Ferguson

    Sherry Ferguson's comprehensive study includes the theoretical foundations of communication planning and strategic approaches to planning for issues management.

  • Agile PR

    Agile PR
    Marian SALZMAN

    More value from less work.

  • Communication Strategies for Corporate Leaders

    Communication Strategies for Corporate Leaders
    Pragyan Rath, Apoorva Bharadwaj

    This book examines managerial communication from seminal theoretical and demonstrative vantage points through interdisciplinary amalgamation of sciences and the liberal arts.

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