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  • Organisational Design

    Organisational Design
    Andrew Olivier

    This is no mean feat, as the model is exceptionally dense and layered.

  • Writing For A Good Cause

    Writing For A Good Cause
    Joseph Barbato, Danielle Furlich

    Provides tips for the novice on writing effective, persuasive grant proposals for non-profit organizations, and discusses researching donors, communicating the organization's needs, and editing drafts.

  • Public Policy Writing That Matters

    Public Policy Writing That Matters
    David Chrisinger

    Aimed at helping students and professionals overcome their default impulses to merely "explain," this book reveals proven, classroom-tested tips for writing sophisticated policy that is also easy to understand.

  • Quick Painless Business Writing

    Quick & Painless Business Writing
    Susan Benjamin

    Quick & Painless Business Writing reveals secrets that will eliminate business-writing phobias and faux pas and help you create outstanding documents that get optimal results.

  • The Evolution of Training and Coaching

    The Evolution of Training and Coaching
    Scott Palat

    In "The Evolution of Training and Coaching", Scott reveals the strategies he uses to over see employees and guarantee money-making results for his famed TutorFi program for online tutors.

  • Nude Mice

    Nude Mice
    Cynthia L. Kryder MS Ccisp, Cynthia L. Kryder

    Nude Mice is a comprehensive resource that demystifies complex medical jargon so that medical writers can write accurate text for any audience, any time.

  • The Ultimate Sales Letter 3rd Editon E Book

    The Ultimate Sales Letter 3rd Editon E-Book
    Dan S Kennedy

    In this book, he shares his step-by-step formula so everyone can write letters that will nail the sale.

  • Career Essentials The Interview business career job hunting

    Career Essentials: The Interview (business, career, job hunting)
    Dale Mayer

    Now it's critical that you not only get through the interview but that you dominate the competition. If this is the job you want, there is no room for errors, not when there are hundreds of solid candidates lined up behind you.

  • Copywriting In A Week

    Copywriting In A Week
    Robert Ashton

    It is clear, concise and at times comforting. It is also comprehensible, even to those not yet confident users of your language. Reading this book, and following the techniques it introduces, will make you a more effective writer.

  • Best Business Writing 2012

    Best Business Writing 2012
    Dean Starkman, Martha Hamilton, Ryan Chittum, Felix Salmon

    Launched at a time of major economic change and an uncommon era in business, this new annual series presents the most intriguing and rigorous coverage of the year’s well-known and crucial-to-know developments in business and finance.

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