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  • East Asia in Transition

    East Asia in Transition
    Wendy Dobson, A. E. Safarian

    Focuses on key business issues facing East Asia that corporations and governments should understand, including regionalization initiatives, obstacles to continued rapid growth in China, aging and pension reform, and the changing security …

  • The Trans Pacific Partnership China and India

    The Trans Pacific Partnership, China and India
    Amitendu Palit

    This book will interest anyone who wishes to learn more about the TPP and its future implications and challenges and China and India's roles in global and regional trade.

  • Innovation Technology Policy and Regional Development

    Innovation, Technology Policy and Regional Development
    Tim Turpin

    This book is the result of a comparative investigation that contrasts micro-systems of innovation in several regions of China and Australia – two vastly different countries in terms of traditions, industry structures, political systems and …

  • JFK

    Salvador Rus

    En 2017 se cumple el primer centenario del nacimiento de John Fitzgerald Kennedy.

  • The History of Mitsubishi Corporation in London

    The History of Mitsubishi Corporation in London
    Pernille Rudlin

    With the slowdown in Japanese economic growth however, this book asks whether the corporation needs to change its mission, as well as controversially questioning whether information technology is in fact a barrier to, rather than a driving …

  • Industrial Organization

    Industrial Organization
    Don Waldman, Elizabeth Jensen

    Written solely for the undergraduate audience, Industrial Organization: Theory and Practice, which features early coverage of Antitrust, punctuates its modern introduction to industrial organization with relevant empirical data and case …

  • China s State owned Enterprises

    China’s State-owned Enterprises
    Hong Sheng

    This book provides a detailed description of state-owned enterprises (SOEs) in China with respect to both efficiency and income distribution.

  • The Softwood Lumber War

    The Softwood Lumber War
    Daowei Professor Zhang

    This book is an unprecedentedly detailed evaluation of how the conflict began and how it was sustained for such a long period of time.

  • Political Economy of the Environment

    Political Economy of the Environment
    Simon Dietz, Jonathan Michie, Christine Oughton

    This book draws on the strengths of each and all of these approaches to analyse environmental issues and what can be done to tackle these through corporate and public policy. The book argues that the need for an inter-disciplinary approach.

  • Competition Policy and Regional Integration in Developing Countries

    Competition Policy and Regional Integration in Developing Countries
    Josef Drexl

    'This wonderful volume offers a timely and important look at competition policy where it is changing the most – developing countries pursuing regional agreements.

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