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  • Understanding Consumer Decision Making

    Understanding Consumer Decision Making
    Thomas J. Reynolds, Jerry C. Olson

    The goal of this book is to help business managers and academic researchers understand the means-end perspective and the methods by which it is used, and to demonstrate how to use the means-end approach to develop better marketing and …

  • Dynamics of Competitive Advantage and Consumer Perception in Social Marketing

    Dynamics of Competitive Advantage and Consumer Perception in Social Marketing
    Kapoor, Avinash

    "This book explores important social issues that call for reform such as health care, self-perceptions, and corporate responsibilities to the environment, giving readers a guide to understanding and appreciation behind social marketing and …

  • Gesundheit Genuss und gutes Gewissen

    Gesundheit, Genuss und gutes Gewissen
    Jonas Grauel

    Welche Rolle spielt Moral beim Kauf und Konsum von Lebensmitteln? Um diese Frage zu beantworten, untersucht Jonas Grauel den Alltag 'gewöhnlicher' Menschen – anstelle vordefinierter Gruppen wie z.B. Bio-Käufer.

  • Improving Project Performance

    Improving Project Performance
    NA NA

    This book outlines the what and how of project management, emphasizing why actions matter, the overall intention of the formulaic steps, and the strengths or weakness of various tools and techniques.

  • Sustainability in Fashion

    Sustainability in Fashion
    Claudia E. Henninger, Panayiota J. Alevizou, Helen Goworek, Daniella Ryding

    This book provides a critical insight into sustainability and fashion in a retailing and marketing context.

  • Green Consumerism

    Green Consumerism
    Juliana Mansvelt

    This sixth volume in the SAGE Series on Green Society covers the consumption, availability, and distribution of energy and other resources in the personal consumer environment.

  • The Peculiar Economics of NCAA Basketball

    The (Peculiar) Economics of NCAA Basketball
    T. McFall

    The economics of the NCAA Division I men's basketball league are peculiar because it fails to hire the best college-aged players and does little to enhance competitive balance within the league.

  • Az  szinte igazs g a hazugs gr l

    Az őszinte igazság a hazugságról
    Dan Ariely

    Dan Ariely, pszichológus és viselkedési közgazdász, könyvében a tisztességtelen viselkedést állítólagosan kiváltó költség-haszon elemzést vizsgálja, és arra a következtetésre jut, hogy gyakran azok az irracionális …

  • Minds Models and Milieux

    Minds, Models and Milieux
    Roger Frantz, Leslie Marsh

    This book is a collection of specially-commissioned chapters from philosophers, economists, political and behavioral economists, cognitive and organizational psychologists, computer scientists, sociologists and permutations thereof as …

  • Gifted

    Sarah Weidman

    Identifying more than twenty different personalities, this helpful reference offers more than one thousand gift suggestions for everyone on one's list, whether they are a Sporty Adventurer or a Quirky Pal, along with essential shopping …

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