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  • Sokaiya

    Kenneth Szymkowiak

    This book explores the curious but not unusual relationship that grows between executives and sokaiya, who also offer their services to protect the corporation from other sokaiya, thus becoming a necessary evil in the world of Japanese …

  • What s Good for Business

    What’s Good for Business
    Kim Phillips-Fein, Julian E. Zelizer

    This book provides a sweeping interpretation of how business mobilized to influence public policy and elections since World War II.

  • Married to the Mouse

    Married to the Mouse
    Richard E. Foglesong

    The tale raises important questions about cities and the economic development choices they confront.

  • Creating Strategic Change

    Creating Strategic Change
    William A. Pasmore

    Available for the first time to a general business audience, the powerful concepts and organizational strategies you'll find in this book have already created quite a stir within academic and upper-echelon business circles.

  • Investment Banking

    Investment Banking
    Alan D. Morrison, Wilhelm Jr.

    Investment Banking: Institutions, Politics, and Law provides an economic rationale for the dominant role of investment banks in the capital markets, and uses it to explain both the historical evolution of the investment banking industry and …

  • Industrial Restructuring with Job Security

    Industrial Restructuring with Job Security
    Susan N. Houseman

    In what ways does empirical economics contribute to our understanding of important social issues?

  • Fordlandia

    Greg Grandin

    Fordlandia is a 2009 National Book Award Finalist for Nonfiction.

  • Technological Foundations of Cyclical Economic Growth

    Technological Foundations of Cyclical Economic Growth
    Nathan Edmonson

    The challenges weface at the onset of the twenty-first century are covered indepth and with imagination by Edmonson. The book willspur much rethinking about economic futures.

  • The 100 Most Significant Events in American Business An Encyclopedia

    The 100 Most Significant Events in American Business: An Encyclopedia
    Quentin R. Skrabec Jr.

    This reference book details the top 100 groundbreaking events in the history of American business, featuring case studies of successful companies who challenged traditional operating paradigms, historical perspectives on labor laws, …

  • Blades in the Sky

    Blades in the Sky
    T. Lindsay Baker

    From 1923 to 1942, Burdick photographed his men at work. Those photos, paired with Baker's text, shape Burdick's memories into a fascinating story.

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