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    Реальные полномочия
    Джон Шоул

    Клиентов не интересуют корпоративные правила и регламенты. Любой покупатель хочет, чтобы к нему относились как к дорогому гостю, …

  • The Designful Company

    The Designful Company
    Marty Neumeier

    Those who are new to Marty Neumeier’s “whiteboard” series may want to ramp up with the first two books, THE BRAND GAP and ZAG. Both are easy reads.

  • Social Customer Relationship Management

    Social Customer Relationship Management
    Rainer Alt, Olaf Reinhold

    Dr. Rainer Alt und Dipl. Wirt. Inf. Olaf Reinhold vom Institut für Wirtschaftsinformatik der Universität Leipzig sind Gründungsmitglieder des Social CRM Research Center (SCRC) e.V.

  • Business is the People People are the Business

    Business is the People & People are the Business
    Vahe Akay

    But the key factor in success for any business entity is its people. Business is the People & People are the Business emphasizes the critical relationship between healthy personnel and the success of companies, industries, and society.

  • Salesforce Service Cloud For Dummies

    Salesforce Service Cloud For Dummies
    Jon Paz, T. J. Kelley

    This book covers: Service Cloud Basics Handling Customer Issues Improving Your Service Organization's Effectiveness Leveraging Your Organizational Knowledge Recognizing When It Takes a Community Measuring Contact Center …

  • Customer Service for Hospitality and Tourism

    Customer Service for Hospitality and Tourism
    Simon Hudson, Louise Hudson

    Customer Service for Hospitality and Tourism is a unique text and vital to both students and practitioners as it explains not only the theory behind the importance of customer service but also acts as a guidebook for those wishing to put …

  • Pop up Retailing

    Pop-up Retailing
    Gary Warnaby, Charlotte Shi

    Adopting a managerial approach, it explores the use of pop-up retailing as a means of facilitating strategic growth by retail brands.

  • Delivering Happiness

    Delivering Happiness
    Tony Hsieh

    To learn more about the book, go to

  • Brand Hate

    Brand Hate
    S. Umit Kucuk

    This book focuses on the concept of “brand hate” and consumer negativity in today’s digital markets.

  • Building Customer Brand Relationships

    Building Customer-Brand Relationships
    Don E. Schultz, Beth E. Barnes, Heidi F. Schultz, Marian Azzaro

    This text takes a different view–that the marketer and the customer build the ongoing brand value together. Rather than the marketer trying to sell, the role of the marketer is to help customer buy.

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