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  • Analytics

    Phil Simon

    In this book, you'll learn how progressive organizations such as Google, Nextdoor, and others approach analytics in a fundamentally different way.

  • Enterprise Games

    Enterprise Games
    Michael Hugos

    In this book, Michael Hugos provides compelling case studies that demonstrate how game mechanics enable companies to respond quickly to challenges in today’s real-time economy.

  • Foundations of Decision Making Agents

    Foundations of Decision-Making Agents
    Subrata Kumar Das

    "This self-contained book provides three fundamental and generic approaches (logical, probabilistic, and modal) to representing and reasoning with agent epistemic states, specifically in the context of decision making.

  • The Plan That Broke the World

    The Plan That Broke the World
    William D. O’Neil

    The book Web site is The Plan That Broke the World is a case study in the What Were They Thinking? series. The series Web site is

  • FunThink

    C. Ray Frigard, Peter Wocken

    FunThink: 12 Tools for Creative Problem Solving is the first book that uses engaging hands-on activities to guide the educator/student through the problem solving process using 12 proven creativity tools.There are no special skills needed …

  • Impacts of Religious Biases on Leadership Decision Making

    Impacts of Religious Biases on Leadership Decision Making
    William M. Gasser

    The subtle nature of bias can cause leaders to be unaware of religiously based influences.

  • Investing for Dummies

    Investing for Dummies
    Eric Tyson

    Every book is written with a certain reader in mind, and this book is no different: You may have some investments, but you're looking to develop a full-scale investment plan.

  • Enterprise Application Integration

    Enterprise Application Integration
    William A. Ruh, Francis X. Maginnis, William J. Brown

    The experimental first era of e-business is over and now its time for the next, when companies will deliver customer value and make a profit or disappear altogether.

  • Risk Management and Corporate Governance

    Risk Management and Corporate Governance
    Abol Jalilvand

    The chapters overlay the areas of risk management and corporate governance on both financial and operating decisions of a firm while treating legal and political environments as externalities to decisions undertaken.

  • Data Driven Decision Making for Small Businesses

    Data Driven Decision Making for Small Businesses
    Tracey Smith

    The reader of this book need not be a mathematician. This book is intended for the business-minded individual interested in learning about the strategic advantages which can be obtained from business analytics.

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