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  • Making Microfinance Work

    Making Microfinance Work
    Craig Churchill, Cheryl Frankiewicz

    This book provides a valuable overview of the key management principles necessary to optimize the servicesof MFIs.

  • Inside Facebook

    Inside Facebook
    Karel M. Baloun

    All about the creation of Facebook, from an insider who saw it all. Get driven to create your awe inspiring startup. See it all at

  • Cost Benefit Analysis

    Cost-Benefit Analysis
    K. Puttaswamaiah

    This volume presents a comprehensive view of cost-benefit analysis in its theoretical and applied dimensions. Both theory and case studies are presented.

  • Japan s Capitalism

    Japan’s Capitalism
    Shigeto Tsuru

    An authoritative account of Japan's economic resconstruction after World War II.

  • Inequality Polarization and Poverty

    Inequality, Polarization and Poverty
    Satya R. Chakravarty

    This book provides a synthesis of some recent issues and an up-to-date treatment of some of the major important issues in distributional analysis that I have covered in my previous book Ethical Social Index Numbers, which was widely …

  • Schooling for Life

    Schooling for Life
    Dale Edwin Shuttleworth

    It is my belief that the impending challenge to our civilization will not be how to cope with the future shock of a rapidly developing technology of material abundance but, rather, how to live with less.

  • Modernizing China s Industries

    Modernizing China’s Industries
    Colin G. Brown, Scott A. Waldron, John William Longworth

    This is a valuable study that will stand the test of time. Will Martin, The World Bank, US This book is more than yet another industry report . This is a book on transition.

  • Energy Law and the Environment

    Energy Law and the Environment
    Rosemary Lyster, Adrian Bradbrook

    The current unsustainable practices worldwide in energy production and consumption have led to a plethora of environmental problems.

  • Leveraging Migration for Africa

    Leveraging Migration for Africa
    Dilip Ratha

    This volume contributes to a greater understanding of migration and its potential role in Africa_s development.

  • The Political Economy of Microfinance

    The Political Economy of Microfinance
    Philip Mader

    This book raises fundamental concerns about this widely-celebrated tool for social development.

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