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  • Turkey Since 1970

    Turkey Since 1970
    D. Lovatt

    The contributors to Turkey Since 1970 offer clear and accessible background information to events that have aided and hindered the country's development.

  • Economic Ideology and Japanese Industrial Policy

    Economic Ideology and Japanese Industrial Policy
    Bai Gao

    A major addition to the literature on modern Japanese development, emphasizing the role of ideas and ideology.

  • Making Microfinance Work

    Making Microfinance Work
    Craig Churchill, Cheryl Frankiewicz

    This book provides a valuable overview of the key management principles necessary to optimize the services of MFIs.

  • Disrupting Mobility

    Disrupting Mobility
    Gereon Meyer, Susan Shaheen

    This book explores the opportunities and challenges of the sharing economy and innovative transportation technologies with regard to urban mobility.

  • Pratiche sostenibili Itinerari del design nella ricerca italiana

    Pratiche sostenibili. Itinerari del design nella ricerca italiana
    Carlo Vezzoli, Rosanna Veneziano

  • Japan s Capitalism

    Japan’s Capitalism
    Shigeto Tsuru

    An authoritative account of Japan's economic resconstruction after World War II.

  • Getting Unstuck

    Getting Unstuck
    Timothy Butler

    In Getting Unstuck, psychologist Timothy Butler shares a proven model for moving from a state of career or life impasse to a new vision based on deeper knowledge of the work and life structures that will ultimately be most meaningful.

  • Schooling for Life

    Schooling for Life
    Dale Edwin Shuttleworth

    It is my belief that the impending challenge to our civilization will not be how to cope with the future shock of a rapidly developing technology of material abundance but, rather, how to live with less.

  • Bienes y servicios ambientales en M√ xico

    Bienes y servicios ambientales en México
    United Nations

    El propósito final es proveer con elementos de apoyo a la estrategia comercial de México respecto los a bienes y servicios ambientales en el ámbito internacional.

  • Peculiar Dynamics of Corruption

    Peculiar Dynamics of Corruption
    Omer Gokcekus, Kevin Bengyak

    Corruption is not motivated purely by financial gain and by offering simple explanations of these unexpected causes. This book broadens our understanding of this global issue.

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