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  • 卸売業復権への条件

    今日のわが国の卸売業が直面している厳しい実態を踏まえ、それを克服し、かつてのような卸売業(問屋)としてのパワーを回復し、チャネルリーダーへの復権を図るための理念と …

  • Introduction to Global Logistics

    Introduction to Global Logistics
    John Manners-Bell

    In this comprehensive book John Manners-Bell provides an in depth definition, description and exploration of the strategic principles and practices in transportation modes and supply chain verticals, including: freight forwarding, contract …

  • Pop up Retailing

    Pop-up Retailing
    Gary Warnaby, Charlotte Shi

    Adopting a managerial approach, it explores the use of pop-up retailing as a means of facilitating strategic growth by retail brands.

  • Environmental Contaminants

    Environmental Contaminants
    Daniel Vallero

    A fully supportive glossary, appendices and tables throughout the text contain physical, chemical and biological resources necessary for all environmental practitioners.

  • Demand Driven Supply Chain Management

    Demand-Driven Supply Chain Management
    Simon Eagle

    The key themes in the book are: what is demand-driven? why is demand-driven so effective? how to operate a demand-driven supply chain? and how to adopt the demand-driven process in your company?

  • Warehouse Management

    Warehouse Management
    Gwynne Richards

    This third edition of Warehouse Management includes definitive updates across the industry, such as the vast expansion of warehouse technology and robotics, warehouse design and the increasing challenges posed by e-commerce.

  • The Logistics and Supply Chain Toolkit

    The Logistics and Supply Chain Toolkit
    Gwynne Richards, Susan Grinsted

    This book offers applicable solutions to some of the most frequently encountered problems of the industry.

  • Principios y estrategias de marketing

    Principios y estrategias de marketing
    Imma Rodríguez Ardura

    Esta obra permite conocer en profundidad los temas más relevantes en materia de márketing y aborda las más recientes ideas y aproximaciones al mercado.

  • Wettbewerbsvorteile durch Wissen

    Wettbewerbsvorteile durch Wissen
    Bernhard Mescheder, Christian Sallach

    Wachsende Komplexität prägt die Unternehmenswelt seit Jahren auf fast allen Ebenen.

  • Humanitarian Logistics

    Humanitarian Logistics
    Martin Christopher, Peter Tatham

    Humanitarian Logistics examines the key challenges facing those whose role it is to organize and distribute resources in the most difficult of situations.

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