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  • Sharing our Lives Online

    Sharing our Lives Online
    David R. Brake

    Why do we share so much about our lives on social media when we often have little idea who might be reading or viewing? David R. Brake examines the causes and consequences of moving towards a radically open society.

  • La Bibbia di AdWords

    La Bibbia di AdWords
    Francesco Tinti

    ePub: FL2420

  • Curation Nation How to Win in a World Where Consumers are Creators

    Curation Nation: How to Win in a World Where Consumers are Creators
    Steven Rosenbaum

    So entertaining you won’t put it down.” —Chris Meyer, author of Blur “Read this book.

  • Programming Amazon Web Services

    Programming Amazon Web Services
    James Murty

    A guide to Amazon Web services provides code samples and information on using APIs to create applications.

  • Jack Ma

    Jack Ma
    Chen Wei

    Kemudian, suatu hari Chen Wei, sahabat sekaligus asistennya, mengirimi sebuah draf naskah tentang dirinya. Jack Ma terkejut Chen Wei sanggup mengingat kejadian-kejadian dan detail-detail yang terjadi bertahun-tahun lalu dengan begitu jelas.

  • The Social Network Business Plan

    The Social Network Business Plan
    David Silver

    This is how great ideas turn small companies into fast selling companies." —Patrick Dillon, cofounder and President, "I've started, built, and sold several web app companies, but social networks have web app companies beat.

  • Agente immobiliare 2 0 Come aumentare il proprio business con l MLS

    Agente immobiliare 2.0. Come aumentare il proprio business con l’MLS
    Luca Gramaccioni


  •     е   е          к   е    е          к  е

    Контент-технология. Как, где и о чем говорить с клиентами
    Майя Богданова

    Майя Богданова – журналист, редактор, пиарщик, контент-технолог. Проще говоря, человек-текст.Эта книга расскажет о том, как …

  • Marketing Metrics

    Marketing Metrics
    Paul W. Farris, Neil Bendle, Phillip Pfeifer, David Reibstein

    Marketing Metrics: The Definitive Guide to Measuring Marketing Performance, Second Edition, is the definitive guide to today’s most valuable marketing metrics.

  • ECommerce Economics Second Edition

    ECommerce Economics, Second Edition
    David VanHoose

    This second edition of eCommerce Economics addresses the economic issues associated with using computer-mediated electronic networks, such as the Internet, as mechanisms for transferring ownership of or rights to use goods and services.

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