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  • e shock 2020

    e-shock 2020
    Michael De Kare-Silver

    Following on from the hugely successful 'e-Shock', Michael de Kare Silver analyses the developments in digital technology over the past decade, and how they have changed our lives both at home and in the workplace

  • ネットスーパーの経営と実務

    ネットスーパーの経営は難しい。イーコマースの延長と見ても、スーパーやコンビニのサービスの一環と見ても、うまくいかない。日本で初めてこの事業に正面から取り組み年商 …

  • Trade the Trader Video Enhanced Edition

    Trade the Trader, Video Enhanced Edition
    Quint Tatro

    In this book, top trader and hedge fund manager Quint Tatro shows how to win consistently in the "zero sum" game of trading, where there's a loser for every winner.

  • Sharing our Lives Online

    Sharing our Lives Online
    David R. Brake

    Why do we share so much about our lives on social media when we often have little idea who might be reading or viewing? David R. Brake examines the causes and consequences of moving towards a radically open society.

  • Selling Online

    Selling Online
    Donny Lowy

    Selling Online: Beyond eBay Learn the best kept secrets of starting and running an online business that are being used by the real rich dads who are becoming the new next door millionaires.

  • Content Marketing

    Content Marketing
    Luca Conti, Cristiano Carriero

    Il content marketing vi consente di emergere dal mare magnum della rete, permettendovi di conquistare l’attenzione e la fiducia dei vostri clienti, attuali e futuri. È una delle grandi opportunità per il vostro business.

  • Free Marketing

    Free Marketing
    Jim Cockrum

    If you want direct, straight-to-the-point, 'do this' marketing methods that are 100% free to implement, this book is a MUST READ!" —DAVID FREY, author of The Small Business Marketing Bible, "I believe Jim's …

  • Electronic Commerce in Small to Medium sized Enterprises

    Electronic Commerce in Small to Medium-sized Enterprises
    Nabeel A. Y. Al-Qirim

    This work addresses eCommerce issues in small to medium-sized enterprises (SMEs) in a global setting. It covers issues that are of importance to researchers, students, and professionals interested in the eCommerce field in SMEs.

  • Autopilot Income Success

    Autopilot Income Success
    Sven Hyltén-Cavallius

    My course is called Autopilot Income Success because I will reveal everything you need to do to setup an autopilot e-mail campaign which builds the kind of trust and rapport you need to get your subscribers wating for your offers.

  • Jack Ma

    Jack Ma
    Chen Wei

    Kemudian, suatu hari Chen Wei, sahabat sekaligus asistennya, mengirimi sebuah draf naskah tentang dirinya. Jack Ma terkejut Chen Wei sanggup mengingat kejadian-kejadian dan detail-detail yang terjadi bertahun-tahun lalu dengan begitu jelas.

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