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  • Agente immobiliare 2 0 Come aumentare il proprio business con l MLS

    Agente immobiliare 2.0. Come aumentare il proprio business con l’MLS
    Luca Gramaccioni


  • Get Up to Speed with Online Marketing

    Get Up to Speed with Online Marketing
    Jon Reed

    'Not to be part of the social media revolution is to miss out. Jon Reed really gets it and shows you how to join in.

  • Information and Communication Technologies in Organizations and Society

    Information and Communication Technologies in Organizations and Society
    Francesca Ricciardi, Antoine Harfouche

    This book presents a collection of original research papers focusing on emerging issues regarding the role of information and communication technologies in organizations, inter-organizational systems, and society.

  • The PayPal Wars

    The PayPal Wars
    Eric M. Jackson

    When PayPal launched its online payment service and set out to overhaul global currency markets it successfully weathered the dot-com bust and a fierce competitive struggle with the auction giant eBay.

  • Social Media Marketing

    Social Media Marketing
    Guido Di Fraia

    Dopo il successo del loro primo libro, il gruppo di professionisti e docenti del Master in Social Media Marketing & Web Communication dello IULM, diretto da Guido Di Fraia, si è di nuovo riunito per dare vita a questa guida al marketing …

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    Контент-технология. Как, где и о чем говорить с клиентами
    Майя Богданова

    Майя Богданова – журналист, редактор, пиарщик, контент-технолог. Проще говоря, человек-текст.Эта книга расскажет о том, как …

  • Summary The Ultimate Marketing Plan

    Summary: The Ultimate Marketing Plan
    BusinessNews Publishing

    The must-read summary of Dan Kennedy's book: "The Ultimate Marketing Plan: Find Your Most Promotable Competitive Edge, Turn It Into a Powerful Marketing Message and Deliver It to the Right Prospects".

  • Brand Hate

    Brand Hate
    S. Umit Kucuk

    This book focuses on the concept of “brand hate” and consumer negativity in today’s digital markets.

  • Marketing Metrics

    Marketing Metrics
    Paul W. Farris, Neil Bendle, Phillip Pfeifer, David Reibstein

    Marketing Metrics: The Definitive Guide to Measuring Marketing Performance, Second Edition, is the definitive guide to today’s most valuable marketing metrics.

  • ECommerce Economics Second Edition

    ECommerce Economics, Second Edition
    David VanHoose

    This second edition of eCommerce Economics addresses the economic issues associated with using computer-mediated electronic networks, such as the Internet, as mechanisms for transferring ownership of or rights to use goods and services.

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