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  • Afghanistan in Transition

    Afghanistan in Transition
    Richard Hogg, Claudia Nassif, Camilo Gomez Osorio, William Byrd, Andrew Beath

    This book examines the implications of international military withdrawal from Afghanistan in 2014 for the country's future economic growth, fiscal sustainability, public sector capacity, and service delivery.

  • The Impact of Climate Change on the United States Economy

    The Impact of Climate Change on the United States Economy
    Robert Mendelsohn, James E. Neumann

    Applies advanced new economics methodologies to assess possible impacts of climate change on the US economy; for graduate students, researchers and policymakers.

  • Pittsburgh and the Appalachians

    Pittsburgh and the Appalachians
    Joseph L. Scarpaci, Kevin Joseph Patrick

    The book assesses how Pittsburgh deindustrialization over the past decades has posed both opportunities and challenges for the city and surrounding tri-state area.

  • The Reception of David Ricardo in Continental Europe and Japan

    The Reception of David Ricardo in Continental Europe and Japan
    Gilbert Faccarello, Masashi Izumo

    This book should be of interest to a wide range of academics and student researchers, as well as policymakers and practitioners. "

  • Reconstituting the Market

    Reconstituting the Market
    P. G. Hare, Judy Batt, Saul Estrin

    The book was based on the authors' view that transition in the new states would be fundamentally more difficult than in more established states – a view which turned out to be incorrect, since in all the transition countries the former …

  • The Climax of Capitalism

    The Climax of Capitalism
    Tom Kemp

    These are the themes addressed in this engrossing book, which gives a chronological, analytical account of the American economy from the late nineteenth century to the end of the Reagan era and beyond.

  • The City of London and Social Democracy

    The City of London and Social Democracy
    Aled Davies

    "The City of London and Social Democracy' evaluates the changing relationship between the United Kingdom financial sector – the 'City of London' – and the post-war social democratic State.

  • Mexico s Private Sector

    Mexico’s Private Sector
    Riordan Roett

    This text examines the responses to the challenges imposed by reforms in Mexico's economic and political systems, and the international economic community for transparent and fair business dealings.

  • The Road to Ruin

    The Road to Ruin
    James Rickards

    It’s a guidebook to thinking smarter, acting faster, and living with the comfort­ing knowledge that your wealth is secure. The global elites don’t want this book to exist.

  • Crisis as Catalyst

    Crisis as Catalyst
    Andrew J. MacIntyre, T. J. Pempel, John Ravenhill

    Crisis as Catalyst contains assessments of these changes-both ephemeral and permanent- by a wide range of specialists in Asian economics and politics.The crisis, as the contributors to this volume show, catalyzed changes across political, …

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