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  • The Economics and Sociology of Capitalism

    The Economics and Sociology of Capitalism
    Joseph Alois Schumpeter, Richard Swedberg

    This book gives information on studies based on sociology and capitalism.

  • Managing the Franc PoincarĂ

    Managing the Franc Poincaré
    Kenneth Mouré

    An explanation of France's deflationary policy during the Depression.

  • Transformation of the Employment Structure in the EU and USA 1995 2007

    Transformation of the Employment Structure in the EU and USA, 1995-2007
    E. Fernandez-Macias, J. Hurley, D. Storrie

    This collection describes the changing structure of employment during the period of robust employment expansion that preceded the credit crunch and features contributions from a team of leading labour market researchers from Europe and the …

  • Profits Priests and Princes

    Profits, Priests, and Princes
    Peter Minowitz

    This book scrutinizes Smith's disparagement of politics and religion to illuminate the subtlety of his rhetoric, the depth of his thought, and the ultimate shortcomings of his project.

  • The First Industrial Revolution

    The First Industrial Revolution
    P. M. Deane

    This book identifies the strategic changes that affected Britain from 1750-1850.

  • Cycles and Chaos in Economic Equilibrium

    Cycles and Chaos in Economic Equilibrium
    Jess Benhabib

    In examining these questions, this book brings together the most significant work that has been done to date in economics-based chaos theory.

  • The American Economy A Historical Encyclopedia 2nd Edition 2 volumes

    The American Economy: A Historical Encyclopedia, 2nd Edition [2 volumes]
    Cynthia L. Clark

    A compelling compilation of short entries, longer topical essays, and primary source documents that chronicles the historical development of the United States from an economic perspective. • Over 600 A–Z entries on key ideas, …

  • Global Capital Markets

    Global Capital Markets
    Maurice Obstfeld, Alan M. Taylor

    After a century in which markets closed and then reopened, this book brings together what we have learned about the dynamics of the international macroeconomic order."–Jacket.

  • The Little Data Book 2010

    The Little Data, Book 2010
    World Bank

    It is intended as a quick reference for users of World Development Indicators and the Atlas of Global Development.

  • Adam Smith and the Character of Virtue

    Adam Smith and the Character of Virtue
    Ryan Patrick Hanley

    This book revisits the moral and political philosophy of Adam Smith, capitalism's founding father, to recover his understanding of the morals of the market age.

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