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  • Das Prinzip Fortschritt

    Das Prinzip Fortschritt
    Werner Mittelstaedt

    Wer nach diesem neuen Prinzip Fortschritt (be)wertet und handelt, kann sein Leben mit Sinn bereichern, denn er stellt es in einen gr eren Zusammenhang.

  • Immigrant Women s Lives

    Immigrant Women’s Lives
    Ruth A. Charles

    This book summarises the advice available from the Fire Research Station of BRE to designers of Smoke and Heat Exhaust Ventilation Systems (SHEVS) for atria and other buildings.

  • The Oxford Handbook of Adam Smith

    The Oxford Handbook of Adam Smith
    Christopher J. Berry, Maria Pia Paganelli, Craig Smith

    To offset this caricature, this Handbook provides an informed portrait. Drawing on the expertise of leading Smith scholars from around the world, it reflects the depth and breadth of Smith's intellectual interests.

  • Better Living through Economics

    Better Living through Economics
    John J. Siegfried

    From the late fifteenth to the eighteenth centuries, the imagination came to be recognized in South Indian culture as the defining feature of human beings.

  • The Oxford Handbook of Banking and Financial History

    The Oxford Handbook of Banking and Financial History
    Youssef Cassis, Richard S. Grossman, Catherine R. Schenk

    This volume provides the material for such a reflection by presenting the state of the art in banking and financial history.

  • Approaches to Enterprise Risk Management

    Approaches to Enterprise Risk Management
    Bloomsbury Publishing

    Approaches to Enterprise Risk Management is a multi-author book written by leading experts in the field of risk management including Aswath Damodoran, John C. Groth and David Shimko.

  • Rebuilding From Within

    Rebuilding From Within
    Abraham Rotstein

    Rebuilding from Within is a clear-headed response to the economic upheavals experienced in Canada in the early 1980s.

  • Federal Presence in Nigeria The Sung and Unsung Basis for Ethnic Grievance

    Federal Presence in Nigeria. The ‘Sung’ and ‘Unsung’ Basis for Ethnic Grievance
    Festus O. Egwaikhide, Victor A. Isumonah, Olumide S. Ayodele

    Minorities of the oil-producing states are seriously disturbed by the inequity that is apparent from the existing principles of revenue allocation in Nigeria.

  • Frontier Goi√ ¬ s 1822 1889

    Frontier Goiás, 1822-1889
    David McCreery

    This book examines the development of the state, the nation, and the economy on the far western frontier of Brazil during the period of the Brazilian Empire.

  • The Oxford History of the British Empire Volume IV The Twentieth Century

    The Oxford History of the British Empire: Volume IV: The Twentieth Century
    Judith Brown, Wm Roger Louis

    The volume also explores the experience of 'imperial subjects' – in terms of culture, politics, and economics; an experience which culminated in the growth of vibrant, often new, national identities and movements and, ultimately, new nation …

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