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  • 전화성의 스타트업 교과서

    창업을 종교처럼 믿는 스타트업 전문가의 창업 교과서. 사실 창업을 배우기란 쉽지 않다. 아이템도 워낙 다양한데다 창업을 하고자 하는 사람의 준비 정도도 천차만별이다. 어떤 …

  • Schooling for Life

    Schooling for Life
    Dale Edwin Shuttleworth

    It is my belief that the impending challenge to our civilization will not be how to cope with the future shock of a rapidly developing technology of material abundance but, rather, how to live with less.

  • Gr ndungsmanagement

    Michael Dowling, Hans J. Drumm

    Alle Beiträge sind von herausragenden Vertretern aus Wissenschaft und Praxis verfasst worden, die sich mit Gründungsmanagement beschäftigen. Für die zweite Auflage wurden alle Kapitel überarbeitet und aktualisiert.

  • Think Big Live Large

    Think Big, Live Large
    Andrew Darbyshire

    Bad Times Are Never Permanent! This is one man's journey through the lessons of being in business, loving, and losing what matters and finding new reasons to celebrate every day.

  • Social Enterprise

    Social Enterprise
    Janelle A. Kerlin

    The first comparative look at how social enterprise is shaped by local conditions worldwide

  • Start Your Own Child Care Service

    Start Your Own Child-Care Service
    Entrepreneur Press

    Whether you want to start a family-style child-care center in your home, a large center at a commercial site, or a niche business like child transportation, this guide can help you get started.

  • Business Mathematics and Statistics

    Business Mathematics and Statistics
    Andy Francis

    The sixth edition provides a thorough grounding in basic mathematical and statisical techniques for business students, and students on a professional course such as accounting.

  • Comparative Entrepreneurship

    Comparative Entrepreneurship
    D. Hugh Whittaker

    ' These are closely related to the respective environments, especially the nature of markets in both countries. They also embody different time orientations, with implications for financing and governance.

  • The Entrepreneurial Author

    The Entrepreneurial Author
    Jay Conrad Levinson

    By following the way of The Entrepreneurial Author, new and seasoned authors alike will discover that achieving and maintaining a professionally and personally balanced life is the way to achieve emotional and financial success, now and in …

  • Entrepreneurship and Economic Growth

    Entrepreneurship and Economic Growth
    David B. Audretsch, Max C. Keilbach, Erik E. Lehmann

    By serving as a conduit for knowledge spillovers, entrepreneurship is the missing link between investments in new knowledge and economic growth.

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