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  • A Financing Facility for Low Carbon Development in Developing Countries

    A Financing Facility for Low-Carbon Development in Developing Countries
    Christophe de Gouvello, Ivan Zelenko

    This paper proposes an innovative financing mechanism, known as the Low Carbon Development Facility (LCDF) that would bring additional investment financing at concessional rates to unlock low carbon development projects in non-Annex 1 …

  • The Governance of Energy in China

    The Governance of Energy in China
    P. Andrews-Speed

    This book analyses the nature of energy governance in China by combining ideas relating to transition management with institutionalist theories, which helps to identify factors which assist or constrain the country's path to a low-carbon …

  • Land Resources

    Land Resources
    Anthony Young

    This book stimulates awareness of the critical role of land resources in development.

  • Culture Politics and Climate Change

    Culture, Politics and Climate Change
    Deserai A. Crow, Maxwell T. Boykoff

    Focusing on cultural values and norms as they are translated into politics and policy outcomes, this book presents a unique contribution in combining research from varied disciplines and from both the developed and developing world.

  • Economics of Deforestation

    Economics of Deforestation
    S. Wunder

    Tropical forests are disappearing at an unaltered pace, giving way to alternative land uses. This book gives an economic perspective on deforestation.

  • Thank You for Littering

    Thank You for Littering
    Jeannine Vassar Garton

    Thank You for Littering is a friendly appeal to smokers to keep their butts to themselves. Join author Jeannine Vassar Garton in this no-nonsense look at the problem of cigarette litter and a journey of discovery for the solution.

  • Sustainable Development in Amazonia

    Sustainable Development in Amazonia
    Kei Otsuki

    This book argues against the assumption that sustainability and environmental conservation are naturally the common goal and norm for everyone in Amazonia.

  • International Bioenergy Trade

    International Bioenergy Trade
    Martin Junginger, Chun Sheng Goh, André Faaij

    This book compiles those lessons and insights into an easily accessible book publication.

  • Russia s Unknown Agriculture

    Russia’s Unknown Agriculture
    Judith Pallot, Tatʹi͡ana Grigorʹevna Nefedova

    In this book the authors draw on extensive field work that took them over a five year period to a variety of Russian regions.

  • Western Ghats From Ecology To Economics

    Western Ghats – From Ecology To Economics
    Shanavas P H , Sumesh A K, Haris P M

    This book is a compilation of various research articles related to Western Ghats, its ecology, environment, geography, biodiversity, etc.

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