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  • Modern Energy Markets

    Modern Energy Markets
    Maria Kopsakangas-Savolainen, Rauli Svento

    Modern Energy Markets is a comprehensive, economically oriented, exploration of modern electricity networks from production and distribution to deregulation and liberalization processes.

  • Environmental Regulation and Public Disclosure

    Environmental Regulation and Public Disclosure
    Shakeb Afsah, Allen Blackman, Jorge H. Garcia, Thomas Sterner

    This book is a remarkable case study of an environmental policy initiative for a national environmental regulatory system in the information age.

  • Globesity

    Francis Delpeuch

    Drawing on a wide range of sources and disciplines, including anthropology, economics, sociology, epidemiology, medicine and nutrition, Globesity provides a vital treatment of the issues for general readers, health professionals, policy …

  • Evaluating Environment in International Development

    Evaluating Environment in International Development
    Juha Uitto

    This original collection should be of interest to scholars of environment studies, development studies, international relations, sustainable development and evaluation, as well as practitioners in international organizations and development …

  • Agriculture Biodiversity and Markets

    Agriculture, Biodiversity and Markets
    Stewart Lockie, David Carpenter

    The book takes a comparative approach, drawing on empirical case studies from across the developed and developing worlds. In doing so, the book does not simply point to similarities and differences in the experience of rural communities.

  • Wildfire Policy

    Wildfire Policy
    Dean Lueck, Karen M. Bradshaw

    This book will reflects the first-ever forum for law and economics scholars to apply the analysis and methodologies of their field to the subject of wildfire.

  • Economic Analysis of Environmental Policy

    Economic Analysis of Environmental Policy
    Ross McKitrick

    Opening with a discussion of contemporary pollution problems, institutional players and the main policy instruments at our disposal, Ross McKitrick develops core theories of environmental valuation and optimal control of pollution.

  • Examens environnementaux de l OCDE Examens environnementaux de l OCDE √ tats Unis 2005

    Examens environnementaux de l’OCDE Examens environnementaux de l’OCDE : √Čtats-Unis 2005

    Cet ouvrage pr√©sente l'√©valuation et les recommandations de l'OCDE concernant les efforts men√©s par les Etat-Unis pour g√©rer leur environnement ; la gestion de l'air et de l'eau, de la nature et de la biodiversit√© et ce dans le cadre d …

  • What is Land For

    What is Land For?
    Matt Lobley, Michael Winter

    What is Land For? tackles these key cutting-edge issues of this new debate by setting out a baseline of evidence and ideas.

  • China s Energy Outlook 2004

    China’s Energy Outlook 2004
    Chen Wenying

    This unique book offers a timely and insightful look into China's present energy situation and the emerging challenges of balancing energy supply and demand over the forthcoming decades.

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