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  • Thank You for Littering

    Thank You for Littering
    Jeannine Vassar Garton

    Thank You for Littering is a friendly appeal to smokers to keep their butts to themselves. Join author Jeannine Vassar Garton in this no-nonsense look at the problem of cigarette litter and a journey of discovery for the solution.

  • Faires Management und Marketing

    Faires Management und Marketing
    Knut A. Wiesner

    Dieses Buch zeigt auf, dass sich faires Verhalten im Management und Marketing mittel- und langfristig für alle Beteiligten (Unternehmen und Stakeholder) auszahlen kann.

  • Routledge Handbook of Social and Sustainable Finance

    Routledge Handbook of Social and Sustainable Finance
    Othmar M. Lehner

    This volume is essential reading for both academics and students in economics and finance. It is also of interest to those who study environmental economics, microeconomics and banking.

  • Continuous Cover Forestry

    Continuous Cover Forestry
    Timo Pukkala, Klaus Gadow

    This book presents methods which are relevant to CCF management and planning: analysing forest structures, silvicultural and planning, economic evaluation, based on examples in Europe, Asia, Africa and North and South America.

  • Cracking the Carbon Code

    Cracking the Carbon Code
    Terry Tamminen

    Carbon is a measurement of waste, so identifying a company’s carbon footprint – and how to reduce it – will save money and unnecessary regulatory burdens.Filled with eye-opening facts, insights, and practical action steps to profit from …

  • International Bioenergy Trade

    International Bioenergy Trade
    Martin Junginger, Chun Sheng Goh, André Faaij

    This book compiles those lessons and insights into an easily accessible book publication.

  • Legal Aspects of Carbon Trading

    Legal Aspects of Carbon Trading
    David Freestone, Charlotte Streck

    This work covers the legal aspects of these schemes, as well as reform of the ETS, and the successor regime to the 1997 Kyoto Protocol currently being negotiated. It will be invaluable to those involved in the field.

  • Transdisciplinary Sustainability Studies

    Transdisciplinary Sustainability Studies
    Katri Huutoniemi, Petri Tapio

    This book offers a fresh approach to practical and methodological concerns in transdisciplinary environmental and sustainability studies.

  • Western Ghats From Ecology To Economics

    Western Ghats – From Ecology To Economics
    Shanavas P H , Sumesh A K, Haris P M

    This book is a compilation of various research articles related to Western Ghats, its ecology, environment, geography, biodiversity, etc.

  • Nachhaltige Entwicklung im Personenverkehr

    Nachhaltige Entwicklung im Personenverkehr
    Sigurd Weinreich

    Das vorliegende Buch gibt Antworten auf die Frage, inwieweit die verursachergerechte Anlastung der externen Kosten einen Beitrag für eine nachhaltige Entwicklung im deutschen Personenverkehr leisten kann.

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