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  • Handbook of Modeling High Frequency Data in Finance

    Handbook of Modeling High-Frequency Data in Finance
    Frederi G. Viens, Maria C. Mariani, Ionut Florescu

    A one-stop compilation of empirical and analytical research, this handbook explores data sampled with high-frequency finance in financial engineering, statistics, and the modern financial business arena.

  • Asset Prices Booms and Recessions

    Asset Prices, Booms and Recessions
    Willi Semmler

    The focus in this book is on theories, dynamic models and empirical evidence. Empirical applications relate to episodes of financial instability and financial crises of the U.S., Latin American, Asian as well as Euro-area countries.

  • Mastering the Stock Market

    Mastering the Stock Market
    John L. Person

    He transmits that knowledge in this book, which is full of useful technical analysis techniques." —LAWRENCE G. McMILLAN, author of Options as a Strategic Investment and McMillan on Options "Person's book is simple enough for investment …

  • A History of the Theory of Investments

    A History of the Theory of Investments
    Mark Rubinstein

    This book is far more than a simple history, and should be on every serious thinker's shelf." —Hayne Leland, Professor of Finance, University of California, Berkeley A History of the Theory of Investments addresses these issues and …

  • Indizes in der Wertpapieranlage

    Indizes in der Wertpapieranlage
    Viktor Heese

    Indizes in der Wertpapieranlage In diesem Buch beschreibt ein Profi-Analyst in verständlicher Sprache die wichtigsten Aspekte der Kapitalmarktindizes und der Indexanlagen mit dem Schwerpunkt auf dem Aktienbereich.

  • Global Capital Markets

    Global Capital Markets
    Maurice Obstfeld, Alan M. Taylor

    After a century in which markets closed and then reopened, this book brings together what we have learned about the dynamics of the international macroeconomic order."–Jacket.

  •  berleitungsmanagement

    Katja Ballsieper, Ulrich Lemm, Christine von Reibnitz

    Ein Praxisbuch für Pflegedienstleitungen, Casemanager und alle, die das Überleitungsmanagement in Kliniken und stationären Pflegeeinrichtungen planen, umsetzen sowie Mitarbeiter schulen.

  • Isaku Endo, Jane Namaaji, Anoma Kulathunga

    This report uniquely presents a comparative analysis of three remittance corridors to Uganda from the United Kingdom, the United States, and South Africa.

  • Trading Binary Options

    Trading Binary Options
    Abe Cofnas

    Now, with this new book, author Abe Cofnas explains how independent traders and investors can use binary options to speculate on price movements and global events.

  •  tudes de l OCDE sur l eau Infrastructures en eau et secteur priv Guide de l OCDE pour l action publique

    Études de l’OCDE sur l’eau Infrastructures en eau et secteur privé Guide de l’OCDE pour l’action publique

    Constitue un catalogue d’orientations à l’intention des pouvoirs publics et couvre la répartition des rôles, des risques et des responsabilités, les conditions d’un cadre institutionnel bénéfique et les arrangements contractuels …

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