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  • Currencies Capital Flows and Crises

    Currencies, Capital Flows and Crises
    John T. Harvey

    Breaking from conventional wisdom, this book provides an explanation of exchange rates based on the premise that it is financial capital flows and not international trade that represents the driving force behind currency movements.

  • Guidelines for Foreign Exchange Reserve Management

    Guidelines for Foreign Exchange Reserve Management
    International Monetary Fund

    The guidelines have been developed as part of a broader IMF work program to help strengthen international financial architecture, to promote policies and practices that contribute to stability and transparency in the financial sector, and …

  • Nationale Wohlfahrtsgewinne durch Freihandel

    Nationale Wohlfahrtsgewinne durch Freihandel
    Stephanie Schoenwetter

    Studienarbeit aus dem Jahr 2009 im Fachbereich VWL – Außenhandelstheorie, Außenhandelspolitik, Note: 1,7, Hochschule für Wirtschaft und Recht Berlin, Veranstaltung: Makroökonomie: Weltmarkt und Währung, Sprache: Deutsch, Abstract: Das …

  • Pacific Island Economies Page 117

    Pacific Island Economies, Page 117
    Christopher Browne, International Monetary Fund

    The first half of this book provides an assessment of regional issues. The second half includes country-specific chapters, which provide an overview of each countries' economic performance since independence and the main challenges ahead.

  • Good Taxes

    Good Taxes
    Alex C. Michalos

    In Good Taxes, Alex Michalos puts forth an argument in favour of a financial transactions tax.

  • A Basket Currency for Asia

    A Basket Currency for Asia
    Takatoshi Ito

    Bringing together extensive research on Asian basket currencies in one volume, this new text discusses whether a currency basket system is the answer, striking a balance between the theoretical and empirical.

  • Access to Cash Machines for Basic Bank Account Holders

    Access to Cash Machines for Basic Bank Account Holders
    Great Britain: Parliament: House of Commons: Treasury Committee

    In response to the Treasury Committee's inquiry, Barclays, HSBC and Santander all made a public commitment to continue to provide basic bank holders with unrestricted access to cash machines.

  • British Monetary Policy and the Balance of Payments 1951 1957

    British Monetary Policy and the Balance of Payments, 1951-1957
    Peter B. Kenen

    A detailed study of the revolution in Bank of England policy resulting from the government's response to the 1954-55 balance-of-payments crisis, this is a first independent analysis.

  • Demanding Devaluation

    Demanding Devaluation
    David Steinberg

    In Demanding Devaluation, David Steinberg argues that the demands of powerful interest groups often dictate government decisions about the level of the exchange rate.

  • Towards North American Monetary Union

    Towards North American Monetary Union?
    Eric Helleiner

    Presents a detailed analysis of Canada's exchange rate politics. This book challenges the view that the country's deepening economic integration with the United States is likely to lead a North American monetary union.

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