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  • Modern Capitalism

    Modern Capitalism
    Nicholas V. Gianaris

    For students and scholars of economics and politics, explores some of the major changes capitalism is currently going through.

  • Conscientious Equity

    Conscientious Equity
    Neal Asbury

    In this book, he lays out a plan for making Conscientious Equity happen, addressing all of the roadblocks and opportunities that lay before us.

  • Greedy Bastards

    Greedy Bastards
    Dylan Ratigan

    The host of The Dylan Ratigan Show and creator of Fast Money provides a blueprint for overcoming partisan and corrupt government while restoring the American Dream, identifying five key areas of national concern including education, health …

  • Technocapitalism

    Luis Suarez-Villa

    In his provocative book Technocapitalism, Luis Suarez-Villa addresses this phenomenon from the perspective of radical political economy and social criticism.

  • The Economy as a Polity

    The Economy as a Polity
    Christian Joerges, Bo Straith, Peter Wagner

    "Through historical analyses – of the current state of regulation of labour and money, and investigations of the development of modes of embedding market – this volume expands upon its theoretical discussions to contribute new angles of …

  • Seeds of Destruction

    Seeds of Destruction
    R. Glenn Hubbard, Peter Navarro

    Whatever your politics, if you're frightened about the future, you should be. This book shows how we can grab the steering wheel, veer away from the cliff, and build a brighter economic future for everyone.

  • The Bigness Complex

    The Bigness Complex
    Walter Adams, James W. Brock

    This new edition has a thoroughly updated variety of issues, examples, and new developments, including government bailouts of the airline industry; regulation of biotechnology; the fiasco of recent electricity deregulation; and mergers and …

  • Chemicals Cancer and Choices

    Chemicals, Cancer, and Choices
    Peter M. VanDoren

    One of the most important policy questions we face concerns the health effects on humans of environmental chemicals.

  • Everyday Exchanges

    Everyday Exchanges
    Evan Watkins

    Arguing against the perception that the capitalist marketplace permits no alternatives, the author shows that a kind of economic “common sense” conditions how people organize their everyday lives and understand their powers as social …

  • Marx s Crises Theory

    Marx’s Crises Theory
    Michael Perelman

    Using elements from the same program he designed for Tour de France winner Armstrong, this guide shows how to build competitive cycling fitness on a realistic schedule — a schedule that fits into the busy lives of today's active middle …

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