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  •   zen lidsk ch zdroj

    Řízení lidských zdrojů
    Jiří Bláha, Andrea Čopíková, Petra Horváthová

    Řízení lidských zdrojů je obor, ve kterém – tak jako v jiných manažerských oborech – dochází ke změnám a objevují se nové trendy, které mají různé využití a dopady na zaměstnance a manažery organizací, konkrétně na …

  •        к         е

    Мысли по-крупному и не тормози!
    Дональд Трамп, Билл Занкер

    В своей новой книге великий бизнесмен и провокатор Дональд Трамп блистательно развенчивает иллюзии, связанные с миром бизнеса. По …

  • Juggle

    Ian Sanders

    Juggle! Rethink Work, Reclaim your Life shows people how to carve out a work life that goes beyond a job title; where The Work You is The Real You/ The Best You; where you can mix up your passions and celebrate your multi-dimensional …

  • Shoptimism

    Lee Eisenberg

    In this smart, engaging book, Lee Eisenberg, best-selling author of The Number: A Completely Different Way to Think about the Rest of Your Life, leads us on a provocative and entertaining tour of America's love/hate affair with shopping, a …

  • Lobbying


    In a perfect world, elected officials in democratic countries would make decisions in the public interest after considering issues objectively and impartially. This is how parliaments and other representative bodies are supposed to work.

  • Global Big Business and the Chinese Brewing Industry

    Global Big Business and the Chinese Brewing Industry
    Yuantao Guo

    This book makes a significant contribution to modern day discussions on globalization.

  • Kapitalkonsolidierung Nach Ifrs 3

    Kapitalkonsolidierung Nach Ifrs 3
    Stefan Bay

    Der IFRS 3 "Business Combinations" wurde zum 31.03.2004 vom IASB in Kraft gesetzt und ersetzt damit den IAS 22.

  • Customer Satisfaction Evaluation

    Customer Satisfaction Evaluation
    Evangelos Grigoroudis, Yannis Siskos

    This important new work provides a comprehensive discussion of the customer satisfaction evaluation problem.

  • Strategy

    Stewart R Clegg, Chris Carter, Martin Kornberger, Jochen Schweitzer

    In particular, this book illuminates the role of power and politics in strategy – an issue that has been overlooked in most textbooks in this area.

  • Tribe of Mentors

    Tribe of Mentors

    Life-changing wisdom from 130 of the world's highest achievers in short, action-packed pieces, featuring inspiring quotes, life lessons, career guidance, personal anecdotes, and other advice

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