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  • Timelines into the Future

    Timelines into the Future
    Sheila R. Ronis

    The processes are all generally the same. This book addresses how to go about developing such foresight in establishing a grand strategy.

  • The European Economy since 1945

    The European Economy since 1945
    Barry Eichengreen

    The European Economy since 1945 is a broad, accessible, forthright account of the extraordinary development of Europe's economy since the end of World War II. Barry Eichengreen argues that the continent's history has been critical to its …

  • The European Commission and Interest Groups

    The European Commission and Interest Groups
    Irina Tanasescu

    A well-researched and unique account, this volume provides an in-depth assessment of the European Commission consultation exercises from a novel perspective, namely from a set of criteria inspired by deliberative democracy theories.

  • Strategic Stakeholder Engagement

    Strategic Stakeholder Engagement
    Chris Anastasi

    The content of this book is wide-ranging, presenting much useful information, ideas and approaches, and provides concrete examples to demonstrate important aspects of strategic stakeholder engagement.

  • A Hercules in the Cradle

    A Hercules in the Cradle
    Max M. Edling

    Max M. Edling shows how the fledgling American government raised money and incurred debt for its military needs, from the War of Independence through the War of 1812, the Mexican War, and the Civil War.

  • The Ruling Class

    The Ruling Class
    Tito Boeri, Antonio Merlo, Andrea Prat

    This volume provides an understanding of what drives the formation of a ruling class, and the relationship between politics and business firms.

  • Trade and Migration in the Modern World

    Trade and Migration in the Modern World
    Carl Mosk

    A remarkable volume, this book will be invaluable to students of economics demographic historians, policy makers and political scientists.

  • Soldi rubati

    Soldi rubati
    Nunzia Penelope

    In questo libro – un'inchiesta senza precedenti che associa un'enorme documentazione di prima mano e un grande mestiere di divulgatrice – Nunzia Penelope raccoglie e classifica per la prima volta tutte le forme d'illegalit√† economica, …

  • The Economics of the European Patent System

    The Economics of the European Patent System
    Dominique Guellec, Bruno van Pottelsberghe de la Potterie

    Why does society allow, or even encourage, private appropriation of inventions?

  • The Bigness Complex

    The Bigness Complex
    Walter Adams, James W. Brock

    This new edition has a thoroughly updated variety of issues, examples, and new developments, including government bailouts of the airline industry; regulation of biotechnology; the fiasco of recent electricity deregulation; and mergers and …

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