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  • Найти умного
    Уильям Паундстоун

    Прочитав «Найти умного», вы не растеряетесь, если во время HR-интервью вас вдруг спросят о том, сколько в мире настройщиков пианино, …

  •   zen lidsk ch zdroj

    Řízení lidských zdrojů
    Armstrong Michael, Taylor Stephen

    Armstrong se spoluautorem připravili knihu s cílem, aby řízení lidských zdrojů maximálně přispívalo k úspěšnosti organizace. Dílo spojuje prvky odborné knihy, praktické příručky i učebnice.

  • Gest o Estrat gica de Pessoas

    Gestão Estratégica de Pessoas
    Bruno Fernandes

    O tema central deste livro é como implantar na prática a gestão estratégica de pessoas, utilizando como base o conceito de competências. É crescente, em todo o mundo, a prática da gestão por competências.

  • Career Frontiers

    Career Frontiers
    Maury Peiperl, Michael Arthur, Rob Goffee, Tim Morris

    This volume is an integrated survey of some of the best current thinking and research on careers.

  • Discourses on Professional Learning

    Discourses on Professional Learning
    Christian Harteis, Andreas Rausch, Jürgen Seifried

    This book analyses and elaborates on learning processes within work environments and explores professional learning.

  • HBR Guide to Performance Management HBR Guide Series

    HBR Guide to Performance Management (HBR Guide Series)
    Harvard Business Review

    The HBR Guide to Performance Management provides a new multi-step, cyclical process to help you keep track of your employees' work, identify where they need to improve, and ensure they're growing with the organization.

  • Vernetze Mitarbeiter stifte Sinn

    Vernetze Mitarbeiter, stifte Sinn
    Martin A. Schoiswohl

    Der Inhalt • Employer Branding, Employer Brand, Employee Relationship Management • ERM als Querschnittaufgabe des Managements • Das CORE-Prinzip als ganzheitlicher Ansatz für Organisationsresilienz • Die vier Säulen des CORE …

  • Knowledge

    Anthon P. Botha

    Inspired by today's world of increasingly available knowledge and rapidly changing access to it, this book examines the challenges of decision making when knowledge expands faster than we can learn, analyzes how knowledge changes shape …

  • Freelancing Expertise

    Freelancing Expertise
    Debra Osnowitz

    This is a remarkable contribution to understandings of the new economy.


    Farough Fakhimi Anbaran, Ashik Mahmud, Fomeshi Behnam Mirzababazadeh, Ghasemi Parvin , Anushiravani Alireza, Prof. (Dr.) M. KAYE SHARON, Dr. Edward P. Butler, Akinpelu Ayokunnu Oyekunle, Ruzhdie Bici, Prof. Dr. Ahmet Mancellari

    The second article of this section explores the systematic relationship in the work of Giordano Bruno (1548-1600) between his monadology, his metaphysics as presented in works such as De la causa, principio et uno, the mythopoeic cosmology …

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