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  • Coordination and Information

    Coordination and Information
    Naomi R. Lamoreaux, Daniel M. G. Raff

    Case studies that examine how firms coordinate economic activity in the face of asymmetric information—information not equally available to all parties—are the focus of this volume.

  • Chasing Ghosts

    Chasing Ghosts
    John E. Mueller, Mark G. Stewart

    Is the threat of terrorism in the United States as vast as it seems and are counterterrorismefforts effective and appropriately-scaled?In Chasing Ghosts,two of our leading critics of the mushrooming national security state show that it has …

  • Conservation and Development in Cambodia

    Conservation and Development in Cambodia
    Sarah Milne, Sango Mahanty

    Written by leading authorities from Australasia, Europe and North America, this book examines the dynamic conflicts and synergies between nature conservation and human development in contemporary Cambodia.

  • The Japanese Firm

    The Japanese Firm
    Masahiko Aoki, Ronald Philip Dore

    This book represents an attempt to explain and understand aspects of the firm in the Japanese economic system, and to explain the corporate success of Japan.

  • Humanitarian Aftershocks in Haiti

    Humanitarian Aftershocks in Haiti
    Mark Schuller

    The book shows how Haitian people were removed from any real decision-making, replaced by a top-down, NGO-dominated system of humanitarian aid, led by an army of often young, inexperienced foreign workers.

  • The Economic Impacts of Terrorist Attacks

    The Economic Impacts of Terrorist Attacks
    James Elliott Moore

    The Midwest Book Review Focussing on the economics of terrorism in the post 9/11 world, this book brings together original research based on the collaborative efforts of leading economists and planners.

  • Strategic Capitalism

    Strategic Capitalism
    Kent E. Calder

    Strategic Capitalism is a book for all those interested in the formation of industrial policy, market-oriented yet public-spirited alternatives to bureaucratic guidance, and the true origins of Japan's global competitiveness.

  • Disaster Research

    Disaster Research
    Rasmus Dahlberg, Olivier Rubin, Morten Thanning Vendelø

    This book is is structured thematically around key approaches to disaster research from a range of different, but often complementary academic disciplines.

  • Principles of Water Rates Fees and Charges

    Principles of Water Rates, Fees, and Charges
    Bill Zieburtz, Awwa Staff

    The manual covers all types of rate structures, such as block rates, uniform rates, conservation rates, surcharges, and many others.

  • Food Safety and Informal Markets

    Food Safety and Informal Markets
    Kristina Roesel, Delia Grace

    This volume presents an accessible overview of these issues in the context of food safety, zoonoses and public health, while at the same time maintaining fair and equitable livelihoods for poorer people across the continent.

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