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  • Private Solutions for Infrastructure in Mexico

    Private Solutions for Infrastructure in Mexico
    Public-Private Infrastructure Advisory Facility

    This book, produced by the Legal Vice Presidency of the World Bank, is a publication for policymakers and their legal advisers, attorneys and other professionals involved in the area of international development.

  • Institutions and the Evolution of Modern Business

    Institutions and the Evolution of Modern Business
    Mark Casson, Mary B. Rose

    The papers in this volume demonstrate that it can be fruitful to apply institutional theory to business history. In addition, the volume shows that the wider study of the institutional environment is inseparable from the study of business.

  • Hortus Veitchii

    Hortus Veitchii
    James Herbert Veitch

    This 1906 work is an account of the Veitch dynasty, who brought many previously unknown plants into cultivation in Britain.

  • Labor Issues in Infrastructure Reform A Toolkit Volume 1

    Labor Issues in Infrastructure Reform: A Toolkit, Volume 1
    Public-Private Infrastructure Advisory Facility

    Fears of job loss and changes in employment status have often led workers and unions to oppose privatization and to take actions that delay or block reforms.

  • Population and Food

    Population and Food
    Tim Dyson, Professor of Population and Development Tim Dyson, M.

    Synthesizing a mass of statistical data and drawing on case material from Africa, Asia, Latin America, Europe, North America and the Middle East, the book suggests that food production in most world regions has kept ahead of population …

  • Learning by Doing in Markets Firms and Countries

    Learning by Doing in Markets, Firms, and Countries
    Naomi R. Lamoreaux, Daniel M. G. Raff, Peter Temin

    Drawing out the underlying economics in business history, this text focuses on learning processes and the development of competitively valuable asymmetries.

  • Attracting Investors to African Public private Partnerships

    Attracting Investors to African Public-private Partnerships

    at African public sector officials who are concerned about the delivery of infrastructure projects and services through partnership with the private sector, as well as staff in donor institutions who are looking to support PPP programs at …

  • Regulatory Governance in Infrastructure Industries

    Regulatory Governance in Infrastructure Industries
    Bernardo Mueller

    "This paper assesses and measures regulatory governance in 21 infrastructure regulators in Brazil.

  • Increasing the Capacity of Freight Transportation

    Increasing the Capacity of Freight Transportation
    David Santana Ortiz, Brian Weatherford, Henry H. Willis, Myles Collins, Naveen Mandava

    In February 2006, more than 30 U.S. and Canadian private- and public-sector stakeholders met to discuss the declining performance of the North American freight transport system and strategies for increasing its capacity.

  • The Connected Company

    The Connected Company
    Dave Gray, Thomas Vander Wal

    With a foreword by Alex Osterwalder.

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