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  • Currency and Banking Crises The Early Warnings of Distress EPub

    Currency and Banking Crises – The Early Warnings of Distress (EPub)
    Graciela Laura Kaminsky

    The abruptness and virulence of the 1997 Asian crises have led many to claim that these crises are of a new breed and were thus unforecastable.

  • East Asia in Transition

    East Asia in Transition
    Wendy Dobson, A. E. Safarian

    Focuses on key business issues facing East Asia that corporations and governments should understand, including regionalization initiatives, obstacles to continued rapid growth in China, aging and pension reform, and the changing security …

  • Georgia

    International Monetary Fund

    This report provides an assessment of fiscal transparency practices in Georgia against the requirements of the IMF Code of Good Practices on Fiscal Transparency.

  • Brand Storming

    Brand Storming
    M. Fioroni, G. Titterton

    Brand Storming sets out to provide a guide for business people to meet consumer expectations.

  • Dominica

    International Monetary Fund. Western Hemisphere Dept.

    Dominica has faced two major challenges during the past two decades: weak competitiveness and low potential growth.

  • Dominica

    International Monetary Fund

    In recent years, the IMF has released a growing number of reports and other documents covering economic and financial developments and trends in member countries.

  • East Commerce

    Marco Gervasi

    Attraverso le storie di imprenditori, CEO e persone comuni, East-Commerce racconta come un nuovo sistema che unisce piattaforme di vendita online, applicazioni per la mobilit√†, prodotti finanziari e sistemi di pagamento avanzatissimi abbia …

  • Technological Innovation and Economic Performance

    Technological Innovation and Economic Performance
    Council on Foreign Relations

    Commissioned and brought tohgether for the research project by the world-renowned Council on Foreign Relations, the authors have produced an important compendia in applied economics.

  • Economics of the International Coal Trade

    Economics of the International Coal Trade
    Lars Schernikau

    This book analyzes the international seaborne steam coal trade and investigates resource economics and market structures of the global coal market.

  • The Handbook of Globalisation

    The Handbook of Globalisation
    Jonathan Michie

    But what does it really mean and what are its implications for human well-being? The Handbook of Globalisation pulls together current work from a sterling cast of innovative thinkers on these questions.

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