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  • Gu a de gesti n de proyectos

    Guía de gestión de proyectos
    Paul Roberts

    Esta guía explica los principios y técnicas de la gestión de proyectos y como se vinculan al día a día de cualquier organización, a la vez que ayuda a las empresas a ofrecer los mejores resultados en sus proyectos y a obtener …

  • Africa s Emerging Securities Markets

    Africa’s Emerging Securities Markets
    Robert A. Clark

    Covering the entire continent, Clark's book will be an important resource for investment professionals, their colleagues in the academic community, serious students and researchers, and knowledgeable private investors.

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    Рынок ценных бумаг: Учебное пособие. 3-е изд. Стандарт третьего поколения
    Боровкова Виктория Анатольевна, Боровкова Валерия Анатольевна

    В настоящем издании дается понятийно-терминологический аппарат, характеризующий основные аспекты функционирования рынка ценных …

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    Инвестировать – это просто. Руководство по эффективному управлению капиталом
    Владимир Савенок

    Книга для тех, у кого есть свободные денежные средства, – и для тех, у кого они должны появиться. Как распорядиться ими, чтобы ваши …

  • An Introduction to Mutual Funds Worldwide

    An Introduction to Mutual Funds Worldwide
    Ray Russell

    This guide explains what mutual funds are, how they have developed and how they are used, regulated and administered across the globe.

  • Corporate Governance Failures

    Corporate Governance Failures
    James P. Hawley, Shyam J. Kamath, Andrew T. Williams

    This volume provides fresh perspectives on ways institutional investors can best act as gatekeepers and promote responsible investment.

  • How to Retire in 12 Months

    How to Retire in 12 Months
    Serena Star-Leonard

    Are you sick of working every day, dreaming of what you would do one day when you retire? Why wait till you are old to enjoy your retirement? How would you like to retire in 12mths? Sydney author Serena Star-Leonard shows you how.

  • Financial Reckoning Day

    Financial Reckoning Day
    William Bonner, Addison Wiggin

    Financial Reckoning Day: Surviving the Soft Depression of the 21st Century helps you chart your own financial destiny in today’s precarious investing climate.

  • Value Investing

    Value Investing
    Martin J. Whitman

    But, more importantly, this volume is a primer explaining to Main Street, especially Main Street businesspeople, how Wall Street really operates." -Eugene M. Isenberg, Chairman of the Board, Nabors Industries, Inc.

  • Unleashing Intellectual Capital

    Unleashing Intellectual Capital
    Charles Ehin

    Integrating the latest insights from diverse scientific disciplines, the book reestablishes some very basic truths about human innate behavior that determine how people best work together and are managed, or in some cases "unmanaged.

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