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  • Reconstructing Organization

    Reconstructing Organization
    Damian O’Doherty

    This unique book breaks original ground in management and organization studies by drawing on over 21⁄2 years of ethnographic study in a major UK international airport group.

  • The Baby Bust

    The Baby Bust
    Fred R. Harris

    Focusing in large part on the United States, this book also includes data from Europe and Japan and makes important comparisons between the three regions.

  • EU Labor Markets After Post Enlargement Migration

    EU Labor Markets After Post-Enlargement Migration
    Martin Kahanec, Klaus F. Zimmermann

    And will the source countries suffer from severe brain drain or demographic instability? In a timely and unprecedented contribution, this book integrates what is known about post-enlargement migration and its effects on EU labor markets.

  • Raising the Global Floor

    Raising the Global Floor
    Jody Heymann, Alison Earle

    This book shatters this view by presenting the first ever global analysis of the relationship between labor conditions, national competitiveness, and unemployment rates in 90 countries.

  • El Cambiante mundo de las organizaciones teor a metodolog a e investigaci n

    El Cambiante mundo de las organizaciones : teoría, metodología e investigación
    Fabra Galofre, Amparo, Giménez Adelantado, Ana

    Expertos en sociología y otras ciencias sociales, aplican en este libro, su conocimiento al estudio de las empresas y organizaciones, siempre cambiantes, pero ahora más que nunca.

  • On Coerced Labor

    On Coerced Labor

    On Coerced Labor focuses on forms of labor which, unlike chattel slavery, have received little scholarly attention.

  • The Affluent Worker Industrial Attitudes and Behaviour

    The Affluent Worker: Industrial Attitudes and Behaviour

    A study of affluent workers, employees of major industrial concerns giving an account of their advanced personnel and labour relations policies.

  • Vulnerability Exploitation and Migrants

    Vulnerability, Exploitation and Migrants
    Gary Craig, Louise Waite, Hannah Lewis, Klara Skrivankova

    This book explores the lives of the growing numbers of severely exploited labourers in the world today, questioning how we can respond to such globalized patterns of extreme inequality.

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    Стивен Кови

    Многие люди живут в постоянном цейтноте и даже гордятся тем, что могут за несколько часов справиться с проблемой, которая обычно …

  • La pervivencia de instituciones consuetudinarias del derecho civil valenciano

    La pervivencia de instituciones consuetudinarias del derecho civil valenciano
    Francisca Ramón Fernández

    La influencia y pervivencia de prácticas no escritas que se respetan y mantienen como verdaderas instituciones consuetudinarias en el ambito agrario centran este estudio. Incluye un apendice de jurisprudencia.

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