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  • El Cambiante mundo de las organizaciones teor a metodolog a e investigaci n

    El Cambiante mundo de las organizaciones : teoría, metodología e investigación
    Fabra Galofre, Amparo, Giménez Adelantado, Ana

    Expertos en sociología y otras ciencias sociales, aplican en este libro, su conocimiento al estudio de las empresas y organizaciones, siempre cambiantes, pero ahora más que nunca.

  • Basic Income Guarantee and Politics

    Basic Income Guarantee and Politics
    R. Caputo

    This exciting and timely collection brings together international and national scholars and advocates to provide historical overviews of efforts to pass basic income guarantee legislation in their respective countries and/or across regions …

  • On Coerced Labor

    On Coerced Labor

    On Coerced Labor focuses on forms of labor which, unlike chattel slavery, have received little scholarly attention.

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    Стивен Кови

    Многие люди живут в постоянном цейтноте и даже гордятся тем, что могут за несколько часов справиться с проблемой, которая обычно …

  • Class Struggle in Hollywood 1930 1950

    Class Struggle in Hollywood, 1930-1950
    Gerald Horne

    Publisher Fact Sheet This engrossing book probes the motives & actions of all the players in the Conference of Studio Unions Strike in 1946, tracing the far-reaching consequences of this strike & the ensuing lockout to the subsequent fury …

  • Work and Pay in Japan

    Work and Pay in Japan
    Robert A. Hart, Seiichi Kawasaki

    This book provides a comprehensive overview of Japanese labour market institutions and practices with respect to employment issues and labour payments.

  • Parecon

    Michael Albert

    En esta nueva y elogiada obra, Michael Albert propone una respuesta: economía participativa (participatory economics en inglés, de ahí Parecon), una nueva alternativa económica al capitalismo construida sobre valores tan familiares como …

  • The International Mobility of Talent and Innovation

    The International Mobility of Talent and Innovation
    Carsten Fink, Ernest Miguelez

    Drawing on fresh data, this book investigates why talented individuals migrate and how they shape innovation around the world.

  • Illeciti e sanzioni

    Illeciti e sanzioni
    Pierluigi Rausei

    La sesta edizione racchiude le novità di legislazione, prassi amministrativa e giurisprudenza che riguardano l’insieme di tutte le violazioni penali e amministrative del diritto del lavoro, della previdenza sociale e della sicurezza sui …

  • Coming Jobs War

    Coming Jobs War
    Jim Clifton

    Gallup chairman and CEO Jim Clifton presents his perspective on current global employment and job creation issues, how these affect society in general, and his recommendations for creating good jobs.

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