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  • The Project Management Handbook

    The Project Management Handbook
    Kevin P. Vida

    This book is an essential resource for project managers who need to learn the ropes quickly, for students who need information on CIP project management, and for professionals who need a quick and handy reference.

  • Leaders Managing Change

    Leaders Managing Change
    Joseph E. Koob

    This book focuses on learning the skills and tools you need to deal with the ongoing stresses of constant change in the business world today.

  • Create Distinction

    Create Distinction
    Scott McKain

    To reflect the changing reality since that book’s publication—and to incorporate new research and up-to-date examples—McKain, an internationally recognized expert on business distinction, has retitled and revised it as Create …

  • The Well timed Strategy

    The Well-timed Strategy
    Peter Navarro

    Peter Navarro shows how to align every facet of business strategy, tactics, and operations to reflect changing business conditions.

  • Navigating an Organizational Crisis When Leadership Matters Most

    Navigating an Organizational Crisis: When Leadership Matters Most
    Harry Hutson, Martha Johnson

    This book demonstrates how effective leaders under pressure work from an understanding of the situation at hand and of their impact on others, and explains how leaders can best apply their internal strengths. • Comprehensively addresses a …

  • Project Oriented Leadership

    Project-Oriented Leadership
    Professor J Rodney Turner, Dr Ralf Müller

    This book explains the key leadership models and shows how they can be applied within projects to lead processes, functions and people and ensure an ethical and inclusive approach within projects and programs.

  • Accountability

    Center for Creative Leadership (CCL), Henry Browning

    More and more managerial challenges require leaders to be accountable-to take initiative without having full authority for the process or the outcomes. Accountability goes beyond responsibility.

  • Leading Organizational Learning

    Leading Organizational Learning
    Frances Hesselbein Leadership Institute

    I recommend this book highly to anybody interested in creating ‘boundaryless’ knowledge-sharing organizations." –Manfred F. R. Kets de Vries, The Raoul de Vitry d’Avaucourt Chaired Clinical Professor in Leadership Development and …

  • Liquid Leadership

    Liquid Leadership
    Damian Hughes

    This book offers you a joyous diversion that pushes home important theory effortlessly.

  • Lead Your Boss

    Lead Your Boss
    John BALDONI

    In Lead Your Boss, recognized leadership guru John Baldoni gives managers new—as well as tried-and-true— methods for influencing both their bosses and their peers, and giving senior leaders reasons to follow their lead.

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