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  • Management Andragogics 2

    Management Andragogics 2
    Albert Stähli

    At a time when managers often provide fodder for unseemly headlines, and some are even compared unflatteringly with locusts, today’s business leaders are called upon as never before to demonstrate the moral justification for their …

  • Advances in Business and Management Forecasting

    Advances in Business and Management Forecasting
    Kenneth D. Lawrence, Michael D. Geurts

    The objective of this research annual is to present state-of-the-art studies in the application of forecasting methodologies to such areas as sales, marketing, and strategic decision making. (An accurate, robust forecast is critical to …

  • Corporate Governance in Developing Economies

    Corporate Governance in Developing Economies
    Robert W. McGee

    This book was written to help ? ll that gap. This book is the sixth in a series to examine accounting and ? nancial system reform in transition and developing economies.

  • Driving Project Program and Portfolio Success

    Driving Project, Program, and Portfolio Success
    Richard Maltzman, David Shirley

    This book helps project, program, and portfolio managers to integrate sustainability thinking into their projects.

  • Business Mathematics and Statistics

    Business Mathematics and Statistics
    Andy Francis

    The sixth edition provides a thorough grounding in basic mathematical and statisical techniques for business students, and students on a professional course such as accounting.

  •  konomische Organisation der Industrie

    Ökonomische Organisation der Industrie
    Margit Meyer

    Die Autorin entwickelt ein umfassendes organisationstheoretisches Rahmenkonzept für industrielle Netzwerke.

  • Introduction to Global Logistics

    Introduction to Global Logistics
    John Manners-Bell

    In this comprehensive book John Manners-Bell provides an in depth definition, description and exploration of the strategic principles and practices in transportation modes and supply chain verticals, including: freight forwarding, contract …

  • Dealing with Complexity

    Dealing with Complexity
    Robert L. Flood, Ewart Carson

    INTRODUCTION We start this book with Theme A (see Figure P. I in the Preface), which aims to develop an essential and fundamental understanding of systems science. So, what is systems science?

  • Das 1 x 1 der Pr sentation

    Das 1 x 1 der Präsentation
    Karl-Christof Renz

    Dr.-Ing. Karl-Christof Renz ist Professor im Studiengang „Betriebswirtschaftslehre für kleine und mittlere Unternehmen“ an der Hochschule Aalen und lehrt u.a. die Fächer „Präsentation“ und „Lern- und Arbeitstechnik“.

  • Disruption Management

    Disruption Management
    Gang Yu, Xiangtong Qi

    Addresses the latest research findings and application results on disruption management. Discusses disruption management for flight scheduling, machine scheduling, discrete production planning problems.

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