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  • Managing the Franc PoincarÃ

    Managing the Franc Poincaré
    Kenneth Mouré

    An explanation of France's deflationary policy during the Depression.

  • Gabon

    International Monetary Fund

    The staff report for the First Review Under the Stand-By Arrangement (SBA) on Gabon focuses on economic developments and policies.

  • Asset Prices Booms and Recessions

    Asset Prices, Booms and Recessions
    Willi Semmler

    The focus in this book is on theories, dynamic models and empirical evidence. Empirical applications relate to episodes of financial instability and financial crises of the U.S., Latin American, Asian as well as Euro-area countries.

  • Paraguay

    International Monetary Fund

    This Article IV Consultation reports that the overall balance of the central government of Paraguay is expected to be in equilibrium, while the central bank intends to withdraw excess liquidity as necessary to limit inflation to no more …

  • Indizes in der Wertpapieranlage

    Indizes in der Wertpapieranlage
    Viktor Heese

    Indizes in der Wertpapieranlage In diesem Buch beschreibt ein Profi-Analyst in verständlicher Sprache die wichtigsten Aspekte der Kapitalmarktindizes und der Indexanlagen mit dem Schwerpunkt auf dem Aktienbereich.

  • Namibia

    International Monetary Fund

    This Selected Issues and Statistical Appendix paper analyzes the macroeconomic impact of the HIV/AIDS pandemic, as well as its repercussions on fiscal policy of Namibia.

  • Republic of Kazakhstan

    Republic of Kazakhstan
    International Monetary Fund

    This 2012 Article IV Consultation reports that fiscal and monetary policies have adapted to the economic recovery in the Republic of Kazakhstan.

  • Good Money Part 2

    Good Money, Part 2
    F. A. Hayek

    In these essays, Hayek investigates the consequences of the "predicament of composition." This principle works on the premise that the entire society cannot simultaneously increase liquidity by selling property or services for cash.

  • Brazil

    International Monetary Fund

    Fiscal and monetary policies have been aimed to improve bank reserves, and foreign exchange intervention has been streamlined to curb volatility in the exchange market.

  • Central African Republic

    Central African Republic
    International Monetary Fund

    The first year of PRSP implementation was characterized by an unfavorable international economic environment, with its repercussions on the national economy.

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