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  • Negotiation Excellence

    Negotiation Excellence
    Michael Benoliel

    The book includes chapters ranging from: preparing and planning for successful negotiations; building relationships and establishing trust between negotiators; negotiating creatively to create mutual value and win-win situations; …

  • The Truth About Effectively Preparing for Negotiations

    The Truth About Effectively Preparing for Negotiations
    Leigh L. Thompson

    This is the eBook version of the printed book. This Element is an excerpt from The Truth About Negotiations (9780136007364) by Leigh Thompson. Available in print and digital formats.

  • Success in Six Cups of Coffee

    Success in Six Cups of Coffee
    Pino Bethencourt

    What can you change now to radically improve your professional future? Success in Six Cups of Coffee joins new technologies with age-old wisdom on human nature to help you succeed on an international scale.

  • Summary The Only Negotiating Guide You ll Ever Need

    Summary: The Only Negotiating Guide You’ll Ever Need
    BusinessNews Publishing

    The must-read summary of Peter Stark and Jane Flaherty's book: "The Only Negotiating Guide You'll Ever Need: 101 Ways to Win Every Time in Any Situation".

  • Negotiate to Win

    Negotiate to Win!
    Patrick Collins

    An expert in the field of business communication introduces an effective, easy-to-understand approach to the art of negotiation and persuasion that explains how to maximize negotiation skills in both one-on-one meetings and a formal …

  • The Skilled Negotiator

    The Skilled Negotiator
    Kathleen Reardon

    This is a book you will want to revisit time and again to practice your skills of negotiation." –Glenn Latta, senior director, Global Learning & Development, Pfizer "Blends compelling research, conceptual understanding and practical tools …

  • The Everything Negotiating Book

    The Everything Negotiating Book
    Margaret Kaeter, Angelique Pinet

    Savy techniques for getting what you want at work and at home.

  • Brilliant Influence

    Brilliant Influence
    Mike Clayton

    Whatever you do in life, whatever you hope to achieve, Brilliant Influence will help you get there – with the power of influence.

  • How People Negotiate

    How People Negotiate
    Guy Olivier Faure

    The stories begin with Abraham negotiating with the Lord about the fate of Sodom, the first-ever recorded account of negotiations. The negotiations in this volume present something new and unusual.

  • Winning from Within Enhanced Edition

    Winning from Within (Enhanced Edition)
    Erica Ariel Fox

    The enhanced digital edition of Winning from Within features twelve exclusive video exercises not available in other editions of the book.

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