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  • Managing for Health

    Managing for Health
    David J. Hunter

    Expertly mixing theory with practice, this text makes a unique and important contribution to the area of health management.

  • The Third Sector in Europe

    The Third Sector in Europe
    Stephen P. Osborne

    This book presents contemporary research into this emerging area, exploring the contribution of this important sector to European society as well as the key challenges that the sector and its components organizations face in making this …

  • Joint Ventures Involving Tax Exempt Organizations

    Joint Ventures Involving Tax-Exempt Organizations
    Michael I. Sanders

    Written for lawyers specializing in tax-exempt organizations, particularly healthcare organizations, housing organizations and higher education institutions, this volume includes sample forms, countless footnotes, and numerous citations to …

  • Motives for Mergers Among Family and Child Serving Agencies

    Motives for Mergers Among Family and Child-Serving Agencies
    Hilda Shirk Wenger

    This dissertation explores what motivates not-for-profit social service agencies to merge and whether the merger achieves what was intended.

  • The Thoughtful Leader

    The Thoughtful Leader
    Jim Fisher

    The model developed in this book applies to many settings, including corporate and public service environments.

  • A Carver Policy Governance Guide Adjacent Leadership Roles

    A Carver Policy Governance Guide, Adjacent Leadership Roles
    John Carver, Miriam Mayhew Carver

    This guide reveals the two important and separate functions that are key to enabling both governance and management to have the benefit of optimal leadership.

  • The Tax Law of Charitable Giving

    The Tax Law of Charitable Giving
    Bruce R. Hopkins

    Author Bruce R. Hopkins is the most respected authority in the field; in this book, he provides a comprehensive update on the latest changes to the law, new Treasury Department regulations, and much more to help lawyers, managers, and …

  • Benefit Auctions

    Benefit Auctions
    Sandy Bradley

    The easiest grassroots fundraiser is a benefit auction, and this book offers tried-and-true methods for putting on a wildly successful event.

  • Funding Mechanisms for Civil Society

    Funding Mechanisms for Civil Society
    Rene Bonnel, Rosalia Rodriguez-Garcia, Jill Olivier, Quentin Wodon, Sam McPherson, Kevin Orr, Julia Ross

    In the past decade the global financial assistance for AIDS responses increased tremendously and the donor community provided greater resources to community responses.

  • The Law of Tax Exempt Healthcare Organizations 2017 Cumulative├ Supplement

    The Law of Tax-Exempt Healthcare Organizations 2017 Cumulative Supplement
    Thomas K. Hyatt, Bruce R. Hopkins

    This book provides up-to-the-minute guidance on all relevant aspects of federal law to ensure the clear understanding that streamlines compliance.

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