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  • Becoming More Effective

    Becoming More Effective
    Institute of Leadership &. Mana

    With forty well structured and easy to follow topics to choose from, each workbook has a wide range of case studies, questions and activities to meet both an individual or organization's training needs.

  • Wiley Not for Profit GAAP 2008

    Wiley Not-for-Profit GAAP 2008
    Richard F. Larkin, Marie DiTommaso

    This annual is a comprehensive accounting and financial reporting guide for use by non-for-profit organizations and their auditors in preparing financial statements in accordance with generally accepted accounting principles (GAAP).

  • A Carver Policy Governance Guide Implementing Policy Governance and Staying on Track

    A Carver Policy Governance Guide, Implementing Policy Governance and Staying on Track
    John Carver, Miriam Mayhew Carver

    The guide cuts across various aspects of the Policy Governance model and challenges board members to move from concepts to practice. The Policy Governance model is based on the functions rather than the structure of a governing board.

  • How to Raise Planned Gifts by Mail

    How to Raise Planned Gifts by Mail
    Larry Stelter

    Therein lies your opportunity.As Larry Stelter makes clear in his pioneering book, How to Raise Planned Gifts by Mail, most people have it all wrong when it comes to planned giving.

  • Strategic Planning for Not for profit Organizations

    Strategic Planning for Not-for-profit Organizations
    R. Henry Migliore

    A complete guide to strategic planning for not-for-profit organizations, this book covers everything from writing purpose or mission statements and setting goals to strategy development and evaluation and control procedures.

  • Reflections for the Effective Nonprofit Chairperson

    Reflections for the Effective Nonprofit Chairperson
    Jim Norvell

    He leavens his observations with the wisdom of famous and near famous individuals that echo his insight. If you are not a better chairperson after reading this book, then you were darn good to when you began.

  • Between State and Market

    Between State and Market
    Bruce Chapman, Jim Phillips, David Stevens, Kahanoff Foundation. Non-Profit Sector Research Initiative

    Papers originally presented at a conference held in Toronto, Ont., 1999.

  • A Public Charity

    A Public Charity
    Mary L. Mapes

    Using Indianapolis as its focus, this book explores the relationship between religion and social welfare.

  • Benefit Auctions

    Benefit Auctions
    Sandy Bradley

    The easiest grassroots fundraiser is a benefit auction, and this book offers tried-and-true methods for putting on a wildly successful event.

  • Understanding Culture and Ethics in Organizations

    Understanding Culture and Ethics in Organizations
    Institute of Leadership & Management,

    The learning content is also closely aligned to the Level 3 S/NVQ in Management. The series consists of 35 workbooks. Each book will map on to a course unit (35 books/units).

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