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  • Qu Es Qu en Tecnolog a

    Qué Es Qué en Tecnología?
    Ricardo A. Ferraro, Carlos Lerch

    El vertiginoso desarrollo tecnologico y las globalizaciones redibujan el mundo.

  • Social Technologies in Business

    Social Technologies in Business
    Collectif,, Isabel De Clercq (dir.)

    This is quite revolutionary because individuals start to think for themselves and work becomes more purposeful. REVIEWS This book is at the very intersection between technology and human beings.

  • The Office Procedures and Technology

    The Office: Procedures and Technology
    Mary Ellen Oliverio, William R. Pasewark, Bonnie R. White

    The text focuses on the necessary skills that range from using email and the Internet to the use of integrated applications and office suites.

  • Microsoft Excel Statistical and Advanced Functions for Decision Making

    Microsoft Excel Statistical and Advanced Functions for Decision Making
    Palani Murugappan

    However, this book explains most of the advanced functions and features in a rather simplified manner with plenty of screen captures wherever possible. New users and existing users on Excel will find this book handy.

  • Shelly Cashman Microsoft Office 365 and Office 2016

    Shelly Cashman Microsoft® Office 365 and Office 2016
    Steven M. Freund, Mary Z. Last, Philip J. Pratt, Misty E. Vermaat, Susan L. Sebok

    This new edition delivers some of today's most effective educational materials specifically designed to capture your attention, improve retention, and prepare you for success in working with Microsoft Office 2016.

  • The Customer Call Center Outback

    The Customer Call Center Outback
    Michael D. Trotter

    The goal is to offer suggestions on how to solve the most frequently encountered problems for this critical group of leaders. This book is based on research with 70 of the country's call/contact center supervisors.

  • The New Division of Labor

    The New Division of Labor
    Frank Levy, Richard J. Murnane

    The authors merge these stories with insights from cognitive science, computer science, and economics to show how computers are enhancing productivity in many jobs even as they eliminate other jobs–both directly and by sending work …

  • Machine Transcription Dictation

    Machine Transcription & Dictation
    Mitsy Ballentine

    Important Notice: Media content referenced within the product description or the product text may not be available in the ebook version.

  • Tales from the Project Trade

    Tales from the Project Trade
    Paul Snare

    Lessons learned by a capital project manager during a 40 year career. These stories may help your project be successful.

  • The World of Customer Service

    The World of Customer Service
    Pattie Gibson

    This text demonstrates how effective customer service techniques can help your students and their organizations achieve critical goals, deal with problems and complaints, consistently exceed customer expectations, and create loyal customers …

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