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  • Stop Pissing Me Off

    Stop Pissing Me Off
    Lynne Eisaguirre

    This is a nitty-gritty, witty and concise book for anyone who is fed up with another person in any kind of work situation.

  • Employee Driven Innovation

    Employee-Driven Innovation
    Steen Høyrup, Maria Bonnafous-Boucher, Cathrine Hasse, Kirsten Møller, Maja Lotz

    Offers unique perspective on advantages, disadvantages of processes of innovation that emerge in everyday working life, emphasizing an often overlooked driver of innovation, namely employees &how they engage in various collaborative forms …

  • Women s Work Men s Cultures

    Women’s Work, Men’s Cultures
    Sarah Rutherford

    This book explains why and sets out what is needed to effect real change. The success of diversity programmes is dependent on organisational culture change.

  • Public Health Business Planning

    Public Health Business Planning
    Stephen Noyes Orton, Anne Menkens, Pamela Santos

    This book teaches what it means to use entrepreneurial strategies for social good, and key business planning skills such as: Assessment and strategic planning Program planning, implementation, and evaluation Financial planning and budgeting …

  • The Serving Leader

    The Serving Leader
    Ken Jennings, John Stahl-Wert

    This edition features a new foreword by Ken Blanchard, a new introduction, and a new chapter checking back in with Mike, the main character, to see what he has learned in the twelve years since he embraced Serving Leadership On one level …

  • Religion and Organizational Stigma at Work

    Religion and Organizational Stigma at Work
    Stanley Bruce Thomson

    This book uses stigma theory to provide meaningful insight into the coping mechanisms of employees who experience critical and judgmental reactions to their religion in the workplace.

  • Biblical Perspectives on Leadership and Organizations

    Biblical Perspectives on Leadership and Organizations
    J. Lee Whittington

    Biblical Perspectives on Leadership and Organizations links biblically-based principles to the study of organizational practices by examining topics including motives, meaningful work, and spiritual leadership from a biblical perspective …

  • Aspectos pr cticos de la calidad en el servicio

    Aspectos prácticos de la calidad en el servicio

    Tema 1. Calidad y servicio: algunas definiciones. Tema 2. La caza de errores. Tema 3. Medir la satisfacción del cliente. Tema 4. ¿Cómo lanzar un programa de calidad? Tema 5. El teléfono. Tema 6. Ejemplos de mala calidad en el servicio.

  • When Managers Rebel

    When Managers Rebel
    David Courpasson, Jean-Claude Thoenig

    Employee and manager rebellions occur more often than you might think. This book argues how important it is to take these protests seriously.

  • Tipi psicologici al lavoro Lavorare insieme con efficacia

    Tipi psicologici al lavoro. Lavorare insieme con efficacia
    Ercole Colonese

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